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Themed 'Challenge' Events
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Hello hello!

I would like to gauge interest in running future 'challenge' events -- like Les Mis or our recent winter holidays one -- and if people would be interested! If you are, tell me what you like, and any future themed suggestions (does not have to be musical!), and if you aren't...any suggestions on what would be interesting, or how these could be changed, would be great!
I like them, though I keep forgetting to maintain my total :P I think having teams be per player rather than per character would be better, because then you'll actually feel attached to a team and want to get points for them. Right now I had a character in each team and when it came to claiming my 'art' points I was just like ???? guess I'll give it to my wolf with the least?

Maybe to keep it fair, you could nominate only one character of your own to count, to prevent someone with many woofs to score higher than someone with few/one, despite similar activity levels?
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I like the idea but I too, forget to keep a tally and I forget what I can claim points for then I just...don't end up participating because its too hard for me (personally), given that I usually get pulled away from the computer multiple times per post to deal with screaming kids.

But i do love reading everyone elses efforts.
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DEFINITELY! I love them, though I just discovered the fact that there was a winter event so I didn't participate in this one x.x

I'd love to see a Valentines Day one!
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i love love love them
like so much

the only thing with the winter one was i had trouble fitting the theme into my posts, esp christmas songs, but i mean i didn't really try that hard either bc reasons that didn't pertain to the event itself. also would need to be at my computer to do it, phone posts i just went with whatever and if it had a wotd in it for points then great.

but that doesn't really matter soooo

i really like doing musicals because i like having the song lyrics in there, and musicals typically have pretty awesome themes to go with, but also more that can be twisted to fit the post instead of like. jingle bells or dashing through the snow. movies in general would be cool too, but just putting it out there now that anything that you would get points for quoting should definitely be checked first to make sure that a script or like, if its a book, is available free online. like les mis i've never seen but i was able to participate bc i can look up all the song lyrics. if it was just a book or move that i don't have access to, i would've been screwed bc i don't know anything about it.

also if we did like. band themes? like use all britney spears songs.
holiday themes definitely.

umm. causes, theme. like TWLOHA.

idk man but def do more, pls. and i'm always willing to help with making prizes or generating ideas if that's ever needed.
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all britney spears songs
Well, I'm glad folks have some interest!

I'm not sure that limiting folks to one wolf per person would be productive, as the idea is generally to promote activity. I might consider trying one wolf per team, though I personally know I misjudged my own muse, so to speak, and ended up writing Marina a lot more than Kyna, while Kyna was on a team and Marina wasn't, lol. I will percolate on it.

That said! Open to any other thoughts -- and also, consider this an official call for suggestions. I'll start a running tally up top.

Also... @Gent -- definitely may be in need of some prizes, lol. My art skills are _marginal_ at best lol.
I fully endorse Britney's Breeding Season Challenge.
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Then maybe one team per player, not character?

And I also want Britney, count me in >:]
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although I feel like it should be Britney and Justin >.< (showing my age omg)
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