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Help me fix the FAQ
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Bet most of you didn't even realize we have one. It's the last link on the sidebar, lol. Obviously I would love for this page to be more useful so we could start sending people over there-- new or old members. PLUS, I would love for this to get more visibility, so we actually KNOW we have one.

Feel free to give me ideas for what sort of questions you think are always popping up.
  • How many threads can I be in at a time?
  • How does time pass at Relic Lore?
  • How do I join a pack? Where do I post a join thread?
  • How do I join Slack?
  • How do I move my wolf up in the ranks?
  • Where do I find lonely or all welcome threads?
  • Why is the Activity Check not happening on the 1st/15th like it says it should?
Have at it!
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May edit with more later...

  1. At what age does my character gain their adult rank? 
  2. How do i claim ribbon awards? 
  3. How long do I have to wait before I can bring another character into the game? <-sarah edit. This one techically is in "How many characters can i have" would it be better served being a separate question?
# P O R C A N
sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realise
how much they need to fall back together
Can yearlings challenge up (challenge adults and challenge other yearlings)
If I post a rank challenge and there is no response, what happens?

What is an NPC?
How do I challenge an NPC?

When do I request rolls for a fight thread?
- What happens if I don't want to fight or retreat?

Can one leader kick the other leader out or demote them?
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