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Alright, so I took a break from RoW and I'm not going to lie, it was seriously nice and I kind of don't want to come back. HOWEVER, I fully know that if I did quit, I would just get the bug later on and regret fudging up all my characters. SO, my middle ground will be in cutting through all the old stuff I've let pile up and just stick to a few, current threads with each of my characters. As some of you know, Gent is on his way out, and so I would like to focus on him and Sven right now, and that's why these are all Gent threads.

WHAT I AM ASKING OF YOU, is for you to take a gander at the threads we have together below and tell me yay or nay if you want to continue them. If they need revived, that's fine. If you want to discuss it, that's cool too. If there are missing wolves or the other participants aren't down but you really wanted to get something in or have it completed, I'll go one on one with you. I'm totally down for continuing stuff, but only what you guys want so that I'm not burning myself out on things that no one even cares about.

So please, regardless of if the answer is yes or no, tell me how you feel about continuing the following threads:

WITH KAI; @Emrys


WITH SILVIA; @Amaryllis



WITH ARYA; @Adelayde



WITH ARLA; @Lachesis
Hey Cade welcome back,

For the threads you tagged me on I would really like to finish the following one out if the others in it are willing.


As for this one http://relic-lore.net/showthread.php?tid=14083 if Arya wants to continue it I am down with that.

For this one http://relic-lore.net/showthread.php?tid=14192 if you want to finish this one you let me know we totally can.

And this one http://relic-lore.net/showthread.php?tid=13549 can stay dead unless you want to finish it out.  Let me know.
Hi Cade!! Welcome back. I'd like to continue our thread please, if you can get to it. :)
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Hi Cade! <3 I am fine with leaving the Kjell/Gent thread dead tbh -- it's so far back and I have a lot on my plate. I also never actually got the tag for Marianna in that thread, for some reason? > __ >;; I didn't even know, sorry to leave it hanging! I could toss her in or not, honestly whatever is easier for you.
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So I wasn't tagged for anything but I just wanted to say I hope having a lighter load helps you feel less stressed out. Roleplaying is fun but there's definitely unhealthy ways to approach it --as I've recently discovered myself-- and lowering your commitments is honestly great. We don't wanna burn you out <3
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Hey Cade!<3 Glad you are back! If you wanted to put an exit post for Gent and have Adelayde and Emrys continue on, I'd be fine with that up to you? But Id like to keep that going as that thread is potential skill points as well (:
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I would be fine with our thread going dead. It's not really relevant anymore anyway :)
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It's been so strange not seeing you around that much <3 I hope you feel better and lightening the load will bring back the RP fun! It super sucks when RoW starts to feel like a chore rather than the fun it should be, sometimes it just takes a break. Whatever you need, we're here, and you do you <3

I don't wanna add to any stress, so unless you're keen on finishing them I'd be fine with leaving the Aideen threads dead? So much has happened IC anyway and with Gent leaving, there isn't much point in continuing.

About the Drestig one (http://relic-lore.net/showthread.php?tid=12643)
I'm sorry I never got around to it :/ I'll try and revive it soon, and I think we can finish with one more post from each of us and maybe @Askan If that would work?
In regards to the Eirian and Gent thread I think it's best to just leave it dead since it's backdated and Eirian has more or less moved in into the future since then so although we were pretty siked about the two boys brawling it out I don't see it as plausible anymore regarding current things that have happened. With that said that should help lessen some of your writing burden around here!

On another note, it's bitter-sweet not seeing you around much but you should always do what's best for you and if that means lessening the load then, by all means, ya got my support there! Hopefully, things turn around for ya and you can come to enjoy ROW again rather than it feel like a chore. We all love ya around here!

Just wanted to hop in and say I'm glad you're not leaving... but do make sure not to push yourself/burn out here. <3

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