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New Slack Channel: Questions
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Brand New Support Channel!

We'd like everyone to join our new channel #Questions on slack! This will collect everyone's questions into one place so that staff can easily see and answer them, without disrupting the flow of conversation in #General and removing the pressure to answer things immediately (which can often result in unclear or incorrect answers) so that nothing gets lost. In the #Questions channel you can casually ask basic questions like "how many posts do I need for lp?" or "what is the library article i can find x thing in?" when you need help. This is not the place, though, to contact staff about private matters (like disagreements with or concerns about other members) or request maintenance tasks like reviving threads, adding/removing a character from a pack, or ribbons. We hope that this will give members the support the need without the usual chaos of the #General chat.
Can anybody answer questions or is it staff only?