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Apps for the Soul
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Come one, come all! This is a place for you to put your favorite apps that you've written yourself, so that we can all see what you might portray the puppy you've chosen! Of course, this is not limited to apps of puppies that you've definitely gotten - you can put pending apps or apps that didn't make the cut here, as well!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy lots of puppy cuteness!

Let me begin by sharing my MASSIVE RISAELA APP because I went all the way overboard and I am not sorry.

Risaela had been trying to be good for the night, cuddled up against Matheo and attempting to get some sleep. Unfortunately, that was much easier said than done, as there was some sort of interesting noise that had been going on outside all day long and the little wolf's paws were twitching with the desire to run outside and investigate. The girl wasn't tired at all - they'd been sleeping all day, and her mother hadn't wanted them to go outside for some reason. She'd said that they might get sick or something, which Ris thought was kinda dumb because how could you get sick just from going outside?

Silly mom.

Gingerly, the pup pulled away from her littermate and tiptoed over to the edge of the communal den that they'd been moved into not long ago. Sometimes Risaela missed their tinier den, but she was glad they were with the pack now. There was so much more to do with all of their friends - with Lil and Lav but not Sorin because mom had said he was too little to play with still. Aytigin was fun to play with, too, because he was always very sweet with her and the other puppies. Lorcan was nice, too, when he was around, and Lachesis was always fun. Ris especially liked being around her older siblings, but Inna was with Sorin and Aleksei seemed... sad, in a way. That left Lekalta, who was pretty much awesome to be around.

The little wolf was brought out of her thoughts the moment her tiny muzzle poked its way out from under the shelter of the den. Instantly, it was assaulted by something tiny and kind of cold. Pink tongue poked out from her lips and curled around the tip of her dampened nose, her tail giving an excited wave as she pinpointed what exactly was falling from the sky. It was water! Water was good - water didn't hurt, and the way it was falling from the darkened sky was simply magical. Risaela couldn't imagine why on earth her mother wouldn't want her to go adventuring in the magical falling water from the sky.

Ris' stubby tail whipped excitedly as she bounced forward into the cascading water outside.

A soft squeak pulled itself from her lips as the water soaked her pelt, plastering it to her tiny body and dripping off of her stomach. Her tail continued to wag, however, as her paws met a puddle for the first time. It took only about two heartbeats before the energetic pup was whirling and leaping and splashing all over the place, thoroughly enjoying whatever was causing the water to fall from the sky.

Eventually, she ended up tripping over her own clumsy paws and tumbled head-over-tail into a waiting puddle, her chin on the ground and her rump in the air. Ris was only dazed for a moment, as the next second she started to giggle and readied herself to get back up and play some more.

But before she could, the water suddenly stopped falling on the pup's back.

Confused and a bit disappointed, the girl looked up to the sky to see what the problem was. Instead of the clouds above, however, Risaela found herself looking into two very familiar golden-hazel eyes - the opposite of her own and belonging to one of her favorite playmates. The huge man was leaning over her, blocking the water with his own back and offering her a toothy grin.

"Bit late to be out messin' around in the rain, ain't it, sweetheart?" he asked, tilting his head to the side as he shielded the pup from the downpour. He stretched down so that his muzzle was just over her prone figure, and she rolled onto her back to bat at his nose with all four paws, still giggling in a high-pitched and excited tone. The man wagged his tail patiently, giving her his own, deep chuckle in return and rolling her around a bit with his muzzle.

The child squealed and hopped to her paws, nuzzling the underside of her friend's chin. Then she angled her nose upward, gesturing to the sky. "Whazzit?" she asked, turning questioning eyes back toward the chocolate-colored man.

Aytigin smiled, still making sure that the pup wasn't getting any more soaked from the weather. "It's called 'rain,'" he explained, flicking his ears backward toward the sky. "Sometimes the water in the sky gets too heavy and it has to fall down. It gives all the trees and berries and flowers water to drink."

"M-ma-ke m'sick?" Risaela squeaked, trying to peek past Aytigin's head at the sky above.

A chuckle pulled itself from the massive wolf's mouth at the soft question as he matched her movements, not wanting to be responsible for the pup actually getting ill from the rain. "Probably not. Your mommy just wants to keep you safe." He leaned down and lapped at the fur along the pup's back, noting that she was beginning to shiver a little. "We should get you inside, though, because Kisla'll have my head if I don't at least act like a responsible adult and keep you from getting sick."

"Yes, she would," came her mother's voice from behind the dark man, and Aytigin stiffened a little before turning to face the alpha female, a sheepish smile on his face.

"I was gonna bring her in," he offered, posture lowering a bit. Ris, however, overjoyed by her mother's very presence, skipped from underneath the large male and ran toward Kisla. Once she got there, she stood on her hind legs and licked at her mother's dark chin, her tail wagging so hard that her entire body was wriggling. A few soft whines and yips escaped the pup, and Ayti chuckled from behind her. "She's very persuasive."

Kisla gave a slight smile and returned her daughter's affection with a few soft swipes of her tongue over tawny ears. "She can be," she replied as the child squirmed beneath her so that she could wrap around her mother's forelegs. "But it's time for sleep now, and we need to get you dry before you lay down with Matheo again." The chastisement was light, not meant to be an actual reprimand. The pup smiled brightly up at her mother, and felt teeth lightly grab her scruff as Aytigin took her in his jaws to tote her back to the communal den.

"Mama, w-w-ra-yne," Ris tried to explain, but her pronunciation of "rain" was distorted by a yawn that parted her tiny jaws wide in exhaustion. She felt Aytigin chuckle against her scruff, and heard her mother give a soft chuckle from her right as they walked.

"You can tell me all about it tomorrow, Risaela. But for now..." she began, leaning over to nuzzle her daughter's cheek while she was being carried. "It is time for all good pups to be asleep."

Risaela almost protested, but instead yawned once more before falling asleep in Aytigin's jaws before they even reached the den, completely worn out from her midnight escapade into the downpour outside. She'd end up sleeping through Kisla drying her fur, but she would be the first awake the next morning, ready to babble to anyone and everyone about her adventure into the rain.
So everyone can lol at my raps and not be intimidated... Finally, all those years of watching 8 Mile paid off! xD But no, everybody go get your Lil Lil apps in! I wanna read your sick rhymes too!

She never went anywhere in a straight line, her rump seeming to bounce and head swaying to music nobody else could hear, unevenly paced paws sending her weaving this way and that. Her sister gave her a hard time about it often, Really Lil, can't you just be normal for once? The words were always buried somewhere in the back of her mind but she couldn't dwell on those right now, lips moving silently to match the beat of her heart, mismatched eyes barely taking in her surroundings as she roamed once again past that very same rock for the third time today.

But there was something different about it this time, an unfamiliar scent in the air, and it seemed rather fresh. Brows drew down as she set off after it, voice finding the air as she pursued. "What was that I just saw? You stop and pause, cos I drop your jaw? Don’t mess with Lil, cos I’m so raw, ain’t never gon’ forget what you just saw..." And there is was ahead, about the same size as she was, round and fuzzy and brown. When it spotted her it gave a frantic bellow, the forest shaking as something much larger approached. Her eyes widened with fear as the mother bear made her presence known, rearing up on hind legs and unleashing a fearsome roar. The girls tail tucked and ears fell flat against her skull as she tried to muster the will to run home. "Oh shizzle!"
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