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Kyna Argyris
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[Image: kyna_by_becuffin-db81lfd.png]

Born Kyna Aquila Argryis, Aponi's first born, Phineas' last born -- the redhead started out with a bit of trouble.  She spent her early months in the ill-fated Silent Moon Plateau, where she made friends, and then lost them after her mother was accused of murdering the female alpha.  Aponi went on sabbatical, but when she returned, Phineas' died suddenly, and the pack disbanded.  It was in Oak Tree Bend, their new home, that Kyna met her closest friend, but the good could never last.  Pushed out by her mother's ambition, Kyna has taken up with her childhood crush, Greer, to form a home and family of their own.  The princess has returned to the mountain, and with her, brought the Aurora Heights pack.

Character State

Physical Health

Despite her lack of pack, Kyna came through the winter in fine shape.  Now, post-pregnancy, she is perhaps a little leaner than would be considered healthy for a wolf in her position.  However, her coat is still thick and full, the hair shiny and red.  She is often tired or stiff, but she is otherwise doing well as she tries to regain her form after giving birth to her first child.

Mental Health

There have been a great many changes in Kyna's life recently.  In the course of just a few months, she has taken Greer as her mate, founded the Aurora Heights pack with him, and given birth to her first daughter, Revon.  Though stressful, these are all very positive changes, and Kyna's demeanor and mental state reflects that.  She is often upbeat and forward-looking, even if she seems a bit tired (and indeed, leadership and motherhood are both very tiring tasks).

Current Routine

Revon is still an infant, and most of her time is spent napping or nursing her child.  When she can get Greer or one of the others to pupsit, Kyna will stretch her legs with a hunt, or patrolling the borders of Aurora Heights.  These outings are rarely more than a few hours in length, and she always returns right back to her birthing den as soon as her task is complete.  Until Revon is old enough to move to the communal pack den, the best bet to find Kyna is at her personal den.


  1. Raise Revon to be a happy, healthy pup through the spring and summer.
  2. Continue to find members to help grow Aurora Heights.
  3. Get to know the other members of her pack better.
  4. Improve upon her leadership skills.

Rank & Duties

Leader of Aurora Heights
  • Pending

Character Will

Character Will

After one activity check, ....
After two activity checks, ...

2017 New Year's Resolutions

  • Make things "official" with Greer.  Complete!
  • Become a scout or advisor.  Became a leader instead!
  • Establish self as a pack adult.  Complete!
  • Found her own pack.  Complete!  Founded Aurora Heights with Greer.
  • Babies?  Complete!  Gave birth to her daughter, Revon.

Character Relationships


  • Wren - 123
  • Maeve - 12
  • Datura - 1
  • Gilligan - 1
  • Vitani - 1
  • Drestig - 12
  • Kino - 123456
  • Triell - 123
  • Speiden - 123
  • Serach - 12345
  • Drift - 1
  • Leotie - 1234
  • Jessie - 12
  • Darrah - 12
  • Ruenna - 12
  • Mako - 1
  • Marina - 1
  • Treyah - 1
  • Reiko - 1
  • Quentin - 1
  • Lorcan - 1


  • Niles 1
  • Sahalie - 12345678
  • Nalda - 1,
  • Greer - 12345678910
  • Iyes - 12
  • Ember - 12


  • Heigen - 1


  • Phineas 123
  • Erebos - 123
  • Celandine - 1
  • Takis - 12
  • Hypatia - 1
  • Aponi 1234567, 891011
  • Naira - 123
  • Lila - 12

Wolves Met

First Twenty

  1. Phineas
  2. Aponi
  3. Maeve
  4. Greer
  5. Wren
  6. Niles
  7. Sahalie
  8. Hypatia
  9. Takis
  10. Celandine
  11. Gilligan
  12. Datura
  13. Vitani
  14. Erebos
  15. Nalda
  16. Drestig
  17. Kino
  18. Triell
  19. Speiden
  20. Naira

Second Twenty

  1. Darrah
  2. Lila
  3. Reiko
  4. Treyah
  5. Mako
  6. Marina
  7. Ruenna
  8. Quentin
  9. Leotie
  10. Drift
  11. Jessie
  12. Ember
  13. Iyes
  14. Heigen


Icons & Pixels

[Image: kyna2a_by_euphoriclies-d9w7jl0.png]          [Image: kyna_av_275_x_275_by_kawaiicheeks-d9jp5wb.png]
[Image: kyna1a_by_euphoriclies-d9bm22l.png]          [Image: wK1VtlO.png]
[Image: kynawotm_by_euphoriclies-dai8e83.png]
Icons by Sarah, Mimi, & Rachel

[Image: kynapix_by_euphoriclies-da7neey.png]
Pixel by Sarah

[Image: kyna-greypixel01.gif]
Pixel by Grey

Banner & Signature Flair

[Image: kyna_by_becuffin-db81lfd.png]
Banner by becuffin

[Image: kyna_sig_by_becuffin-db81lff.png]
Signature by becuffin

[Image: ah_by_a_yellow_bird-db6f40a.png]
Signature by Sarah

[Image: 4IqmrqR.png]
Banner by Grey


I Rise With My Red Hair

  1. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) -- Florence & The Machine
  2. Crystal -- Of Monsters and Men
  3. Riptide -- Vance Joy
  4. Solemn Oath -- Band of Horses
  5. All We Ever Knew -- The Head and The Heart


Table by Kydnt!

Resources by freepik.com, table by Kydnt

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Table by Ash!


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