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July OTMs!
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Congratulations Grey and Kisla!

Of the Month Winners for June!

Wow, I'm so much more on time this month!  And a huge thank you to Kydnt for providing the graphics despite being such a busy bee!

Congratulations to Grey for winning MOTM for July 2017!  Grey has been with RoW since the very beginning, and never fails to provide fascinating characters and page-turning reads.  This past month, her boys Rook and Niles have been having some relationship issues,but nothing is ever typical with Grey, and these threads certainly didn't follow the ho-hum path!  Always going for those heartstrings, you can count on Grey to make you feel something, somehow.  Despite being quite busy, she's found a way to make quite the interesting pup out of Mouse, and she's just introduced Sawyer, too!  We can't wait to see what stories you come up with next!

In a fitting tribute, Kisla has won WOTM for July 2017, her final month on RoW.  She's been around for years now, growing up and founding both Cut Rock River and Hearthwood River with her mate, Maksim.  She's been a steadfast, if not firm, leader, and leaves behind three sons (Aleksei, Orren, and Matheo) and four daughters (Karina, Inna, Lekalta, and Risaela).  She was also the first third-generation grandparent on site when Bennet was born last season!  A mighty Tainn, we'll never forget her, and neither will her pack, as she gave her life to defend the pack den from a cougar attack.  Rest in Peace, Kisla.

Is tragedy a good look on Hearthwood River?  They've won POTM for July 2017!  Congratulations!
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Awww, shucks. Thank you~
You guys are sweet. Credit goes to you though for being awesome!

P.S. Niles says 'thank you,' kydnt, for making him look super suave. c;

Chances are I have a BEN WHISHAW gif for that.
Congratulations! :D
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