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Autumn plot call!
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Autumn Is (Almost) Here!

 It's time to pumpkin spice things up!  Now that summer craziness is at an end, it seems like a good time to get things rolling along here again.  But what does that mean?  Well, we'd like you, the players, to tell us!  What we're looking for are contests or board wide plots (BWP) -- or any other types of ideas you might have! -- to encourage posting activity.  Remember, most players have "other lives" outside of RoW, so we want to give enough time for everyone while making sure it doesn't go stale.  What's in it for you?  Why, seeing your cool idea implemented (and getting credit for it, of course!) -- and if possible, potentially having a hand in activating it!

What We Need From You
[b]Brief Synopsis:[/b]
[b]Estimated Time:[/b]
[b]Estimated Staff Involvement:[/b]
Contest/BWP/Other?: Other/revival
Name: Welcome to the Wildwoods!
Brief Synopsis: I would like to see a revival of this one for Halloween
Estimated Time: a week?
Estimated Staff Involvement: Unsure if the boards were just hidden or completely deleted so it might be a lot.
Prizes?: I would be happy to donate art, but I don't really think prizes are needed?

I'll add more when I've had a chance to brainstorm something vaguely BWPish
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I have so many ideas. ;-;

Contest/BWP/Other?: Contest
Name: Season of Welcome (IDEK)
Brief Synopsis: Encourage members to actively participate in AW threads for the autumn -- members can keep a log themselves of completed AW threads. Point system can be allotted to completed threads.. bonus points if you RP with someone you haven't RPed with yet (player, not character).
Estimated Time: Until December? Or even January.
Estimated Staff Involvement: Staff would need to set up rules, a thread for point tallying, and then go through threads after for verification?
Prizes?: Ribbon.. maybe someone can donate art.. IDK.

Contest/BWP/Other?: Other
Name: Profile Update
Brief Synopsis: Encourage members to update their profiles/flesh out their characters.
Estimated Time: A month?
Estimated Staff Involvement: Not much.. announcement, guidelines, then judging?
Prizes?: Maybe reward the winner with a new skin or graphic set?

Contest/BWP/Other?: Other
Name: Pack Article Update
Brief Synopsis: Encourage packs to work on their article/updating it all, etc.
Estimated Time: A month?
Estimated Staff Involvement: Not much.. announcement, guidelines, then judging?
Prizes?: Maybe reward the winning pack with a new board skin?

are you deranged like me? are you strange like me?
lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?
do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me?
Would an advertising contest be in the scope of this? New members often post more, and could increase activity on the boards....
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@Darkmoon -- That would be totally fine! Fill out the form with your idea! <3
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Contest/BWP/Other?: Contest
Name: Advertising Contest (or something more creative if wanted :P)
Brief Synopsis: Members have to advertise on as many (active) sites as possible, using a pre-made advertisement made/approved by staff. The members who post to the most sites win!
Estimated Time: 2 weeks to a whole month?
Estimated Staff Involvement: Very little, although if staff have to check every site to see if it is active, could be a lot of work. Could just work on an honesty system, and if someone wins by cheating, well...they suck. (Staff could enter the comp too because it's not subjective)
Prizes?: Ribbon + LP? Art prizes donated by members?
[Image: darkmoon_avatar_by_pearcrumbs-d9xt32f.png]
really like the updating contest ideas
Contest/BWP/Other?: BWP
Name: Sleepy Hollow Risen
Brief Synopsis: Brief...Ha. Most of the wolves in Relic Lore seem to follow some gods or another. There's always been this hint of magic of some sort of ghostly beings involved, so I thought for Halloween we could make it something more...literal? Could be a mix of evil spooks and perhaps some nicer ones meant to help along the way?
   At the night of the Harvest Moon, a strange darkness fell across the land. Wolves scouting their usual routes would find something taunting their steps, and yet, each time they turned around, no one would be there. Unexplained laughter, strange howls with no one to discover... Whisperings of hauntings in the woods and ghostly wraiths on the tundra. At the beginning of the fall equinox, it all started as benign terrors meant to frighten only. But as the hauntlings grow stronger, life in Relic Lore grows more burdensome. Prey becomes scarcer and even whole parts of land are dying. It may take all the wolves of Relic Lore to band together and banish the evil from the land.
Estimated Time: Up to staff, but I would imagine a few months?
Estimated Staff Involvement: I imagine it would be heavy as it would require making posts similar to with the boars? Another idea is to make an account for it public so all could play at being the 'bad guys' so to say? That could take down the involvement on staff's part.
Prizes?: idk, fun? :P
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