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.... ooc name: Kristen
.... current characters: Adeltra
.... how you found us: Looong time
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): already set
....a role play sample (200+ words): 
The day was foggy and chillier than what Adeltra had experienced thus far. It actually made her shiver a little as her coat was not thick enough quite yet to have prepared her for such climates. Her true colors, however, were beginning to show their face. What had been a charcoal pelt for the youth was beginning to lighten in places to be mixed with browns, though that was as far as she went. The girl, it seemed, had not inherited any of the piebald patterns of her mother like her brother apparently had. She stuck closely to her father’s side of the family, yet she didn’t find herself jealous of the circumstances. Already the young Archer could be seen as confident, shown in the way she walked and the way she spoke. Without a notable pelt she could still make herself shown. 

She had ventured out to one of the many willow trees in the packlands to take a nap, her body flopping down with a ‘thump’. A large yawn parted the girl’s maw, her mellow gaze, having turned from their puppy blues to a light mixture of her mother and father’s, blinked up at the sky. There wasn’t much to see of the actual sky itself with the fog that swirled in tendrils around her, but she enjoyed watching the wisps dance. As she was watching she saw a brief disturbance in the way the fog moved. Her head lifted from its perch on her paws, brows raising in surprise. What was that? Instantly she was on her paws, moving forward to get a better look. Her head crammed back, squinting and scanning the air. A shift, there it was again! Her tail began to wag at her discovery, then slowly began to stop. A shape was beginning to form through the fog, spinning and hurtling towards the ground. She stared at it, dumbfounded. Then, she shrieked as she realized the form was coming down at her. She flattened to the ground, tail tucking between her legs and back peddling at an awkward crawl.

and finally a bit about your character.... The wee babe is back and ready to find her family! Is anyone willing to help the poor girl out? If not she might charm the pants off you until you do!
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