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Pack Policies Update
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Pack Policies Update

Hi everyone! Last month, we announced changes to our packs and how they can be structured and organized based on your feedback and the outcomes of the polls we held. We got a few questions about how these changes would actually be implemented and after hashing out some of the details, we have answers for you.

First, we've created a new library article in our required section of the library that outlines pack ranks and roles. We've removed the information on ranks from our "Life as a Wolf" article and moved our "Pack Roles" with more in-depth information about different roles to the optional reading section. We encourage everyone to read this new article, as it outlines how we're implementing some of the voted-on decisions (packs with 1 leader, pack with 2 same sex leaders, more flexibility amongst packs).

In essence, we are going to allow each pack to determine its own policy in three areas (# of leaders, the gender of those leaders, and the rules regarding inactivity). The options for each of these are outlined in the above article. We are asking each pack to have its own internal discussion about how they want to proceed with setting up their policies in each of these areas. Once these policies are set, they cannot be changed unless the majority of the pack votes and agrees on the changes.

The biggest change we want to highlight is we're separating out the I. rank and the Leader role. This opens it up for there to be a II. Leader or a I. Subordinate, which will help us make the adjustment to having packs with 2 leaders of the same gender or in situations where there were awkward gaps at the top of the hierarchy because there were no eligible wolves to promote after a leader went inactive. The added bonus to this method is that we don't have to make any changes to our current rank tables and how they're displayed.

A few additional changes to be aware of:
- Yearlings will no longer be promoted to leader if there is no eligible adult available
- Leaders who miss their AC requirements will lose the "Leader" role, but not their rank.

You will be responsible for determining your pack's policy going forward and having the relevant discussions. Once you've decided, you'll be asked to post that information in your pack's public library article so everybody can see it and in the Leaders only forum in a thread that we'll be creating to keep track of it. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date if it should change in the future.

If you have any questions about these changes or anything in the new article, don't hesitate to ask us and let us know so we can clarify!