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@Niles @Castel

Celandine didn't mind travelling. She wasn't thrilled by the lack of information, but the journey was welcome. It was a break from the mundane of waiting. Things were finally happening, but what was happening exactly? Morg would no doubt fill them in, so for now she could only speculate what was going on in the dark female's head.

Three days east of the mountain gave her an answer in the form of pack borders. Morganna's scent already laced the territory, so they had the right place. With a brow raised, she turned to @Maeve, @Renier, and @Skoll. Confusion clouded her gaze, and her pale muzzle tilted towards the sky. 

There she would wait with the others, and when the leader finally arrived at the borders, she would once again assume a submissive position. She hated every second of it, but surely Morganna had a reason. 

"I'm Celandine Argyris." The others could state their names if they chose to do so. "Morganna sent for us." She hoped that the explanation would do.

Maeve honestly couldn't care less what she ended up doing or where she ended up going, it was all Celandine's call. While it was a little irritating, not knowing the exact details of what was going down, the colorless fae simply followed her precious companion's demands without hesitation or further questioning. After all, it was quite likely the Destine-Caravello not even be here today if it weren't for her Queen.

Celandine's introduction was a cue for her to make her own. As much as she didn't necessarily care to converse with strangers, these wolves would be housing them for a bit, so she supposed formalities were in order. "M' Maeve." The woman grunted, allowing herself to sink back behind her friend so she could continue to run the show.

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Renier didn't wonder why he was here. If Morganna wanted to help Niles, then he was all for it. He had feared for the boy when he'd vanished and was glad to know he lived. What he did wondered about was the kind of illness his mate possessed, and how bad off this pack was.

At the edge of the black dotted trees, he did not find many scents. Was this part of he trouble? His pack was so little, and he was stretched too thin? His brows pressed together, and he waited as Celadine let out a call. He didn't look around, just stood stock still, happy for the silence.

If Niles had a pack he must have come a long way from the mute Renier knew so he hoped his presence wouldn't be unsettling. He already had too much in his head, and in his heart. The journey had been only three days, but it had seemed a lot longer with his company. They had tried to set an eased pace for Skoll. But, in his sorry state they often stopped. The Lyall would wonder if he would be able to get back up. He hated to drag him across the mountain like this. Ren had faith Morganna could help him, and he only needed to deliver him in one piece.

When the time came Renier didn't feel the need to introduce himself. He merely kept his head lowered, and gave an off beat wag. He had a question. "What do you need right now?" He assumed food, and planned on hunting down anything he could. If @Niles didn't need it than Skoll did. He could talk with Morganna later.
Skoll lingered at the back of the traveling party, wanting to remain as 'little' and 'in the background' as possible. He knew his brother needed help and he was well aware that his own ailments, while concerning at the least, would have to wait. He could be selfless if he wanted to... no matter what others believed him capable of.

His mouth set in a hard line as he staggered behind, wanting nothing more than to rest. When the call came up and they were left to wait, the dark Archer found himself a space beneath a tall tree and laid down. Now that they were finally here, he could sleep as much as he'd like. He would deal with Morganna later...
As Morganna had promised, her back-up had arrived and, again, he pulled himself away from Castel. He wouldn't be away for long, he was sure. Now that he had shown his sister and cousin around a little bit, he could leave them in charge of getting the rest of the troupe briefed and up-to-date. Tasks needed to be handed out, the borders secured, and the Vale's female Leader stabilized. Time would not be wasted.

He hailed the group with a soft bark, ears coming forward enough to show that he was listening.

The two women introduced themselves and Niles had to take a moment to skim over the rugged male before recognizing his brother-in-law. Never mind that he was kind of a cousin to begin with; Archer-Lyalls wanted nothing to do with Uncle Borden's family to begin with. Well, then there was Morganna, who went against that, but then again, she was his half-sister. Perhaps that said something else entirely.

Niles' mind was running away with itself and he tried hard not to come back to that day when Renier had showed up after Angier and Elettra had passed. He gave a nod to each of them before slowly turning back around. His tail twitched; it wasn't a wag or anything of a warm welcome but he meant business. The sooner they were escorted in, the better. "We need to reinforce the borders," his voice cracked and grated in his throat. At Celandine's back, he saw the shadow that was his brother. His own sickly scent drifted to him, carried mostly from Celandine's coat. He would deal with Skoll later. "I'll walk you further in towards the Herbal den, but I need to get back to my mate."

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