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Quaking Vale
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Character Name: Pietro Archer
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: I literally can't remember - a couple months?
Post Prompt Response:

Pietro had decided to head to Quaking Vale right after he had heard from Morganna that they needed a healer there. He had taken more time than he thought he would in finding the place, but that was only because he had spent time trying to find specific herbs for controlling fever and bleeding and pain along the way. He didn't quite know what to expect, and he hadn't found too many herbs, but if he rationed it out, he was sure they could make something happen. Maybe he couldn't save a life, but he could certainly make the dying process easier and much less painful.

Sighing through his nose, he sat the meager few herbs down on the ground at his paws and tilted his head back to howl for the leaders. Whichever got there first, he would make his case as he would when joining any pack.

When that dark form did approach him, he looked up at them with determined mercury pools. "I'm Pietro Archer, and I'm here to do everything I can to help your ill," he promised, dipping his head. "I've brought herbs, and I am practiced. And besides that, we're family. Family helps one another." Or at least, that's definitely what the Archer family did. Even down to the very smallest of the group.

Again, Niles was pulled away. He probably should have let Morganna deal with all of this... How much longer did Castel have? He had hoped for something akin to "months" or "weeks," but today, she seemed to have taken a steep, downhill turn for the worst. It was with hesitation and begrudging steps that he left his mate one last time as she continued to sleep. He hurried through the spindly white-and-brown trees, taking only a split-second to orient himself before carrying on through the snow.

He braced himself, anticipating some burly brute or sizable creature. What he got instead was a spritely kind of thing like his mate, but dark like his sister and cousin. Yet, what was this? His ear swiveled to one side. An Archer... Pietro. The surprise wore off, even if the lad mentioned something about herbs. Morganna did say she was bringing family along; Niles was just not sure anymore if herbs were enough.

"We're family." The youth chimed. "Family helps one another." As if Niles needed anymore reasons not to turn the newcomer away.

"Yes," he replied, panting, already set to lead Pietro in, "Yes, we do. C'mon, this way, I'll take you to Morganna."

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