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Hearthwood River
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Character Name: André Jonquille
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: 5 days
Post Prompt Response:

He returned, almost unwillingly. His paws almost had a mind of their own by bringing him back to the forest. Andre didn't mind very much. If there was a place to settle down and offer his help then this was the place. He already knew that there was at least one wolf here to teach and another who seemed perhaps as eager as himself to have conversations about healing. Of course, he would get to know them beyond his healer title. Perhaps become better friends or at least learn more about each other.

"I was here previously and made my knowledge of healing obvious. I was shown kindness and hospitality that wasn't necessary but still given." He spoke with a gentle fondness. "I'd wish to return the kindness shown by offering my skills to Hearthwood River. I don't think there's ever an issue with too many healers." The large male joked softly, but honest all the same. Now it was up to the leader of Hearthwood if he would be allowed amongst them.
as of february 19th im not taking new threads with Andre!
im wrapping up current threads before sending him off.
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