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Aurora Heights
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Character Name: Elias Kluane Selwyn
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: About a month
Post Prompt Response:

Could he even do this? Dedicate himself to a new cause and pretend as though he didn't have a family waiting for him? Oh yeah, they weren't his family though, were they? Elias gritted his teeth and let out a call, steeling himself for whatever might happen next.

Two wolves appeared, one dark and the other sort of like him but redder. Being a good little subordinate, Elias ducked his head in reverence and averted his gaze.

" I um... My name is Elias Selwyn and uhh-it reminds me of home, Ma'm. I grew up in the mountains too." What was unique about him? Ah jeeze, Elias stared, wide eyed as he struggled to think of something, anything. "I'm very punctual, Ma'am, I never missed mass once, not ever. And I guess my feet are unique. See?" He raised his front paw for them to few it in all it's birdy, toeless glory. "I don't have trouble getting about though, didn't slip once on my way up, promise."

But perhaps he wasn't being entirely honest. A frown tugged on his lips and he sighed, he'd tell them, he'd feel awful if he didn't.

"I came to these lands to look for a friend, more like family. And I still want to look for him when I can I just... Being alone isn't good, I want to be apart of something." And that had always been his problem, but instead of being included he'd been pushed to the fringes. A reject Selwyn. "Share me....Hmmm, a secret? People share secrets right?"

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