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Quaking Vale
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Character Name: Deadlock Soule
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: two weeks

A single ear twitched, listening to the sound of feet that were quick to approach. His call had been short and sweet, calling for either @Morganna or @Niles as he'd been instructed to do. He trusted @Celandine, even if she did not give him any reason to, but something about the woman made him feel as if she was worth putting some ounce of trust into. He couldn't quite tell which wolf had approached, Celandine hadn't told them what each wolf looked like, but he assumed one was female and the other male, and from this distance he couldn't tell which was either. They asked him a question, to tell them something personal and he hesitated a moment, having grown deep in thought. He didn't have the most interesting story but he supposed it was worth mentioning, "I have been told that I am a very confident wolf. Probably too confident in the eyes of some. I believe this confidence will help me prosper here." he had after all left his pack, alone, in search of another place to call home. There was nothing but confidence that had propelled him here.
Celandine stood quietly by the wayside, watching as the interaction played out. She figured it was best to let Deadlock vouch for himself, and let Niles base his decision on the tawny wolf's character rather than on what she thought of him. She wasn't an alpha, so she had no say in who was and was not accepted. The Argyris did her job bringing the man from the forest to the borders, now the rest was up to the ones in charge. Still, her eyes flashed between the men, curious what Morganna's brother would think of the newest potential subordinate.
Niles had been blinded from grief in the days since Castel's passing, but he did his best to not let it lead him truly into the dark. Morganna, it seemed, made sure of that. So, as a call came up from the borders not too far from where Niles was keeping watch, he slowly emerged from the depths of the Vale, steps heavy and head low until he saw the rogue. As was protocol - as he had observed from the now-ghosts of Quaking Vale - he posed the usual questions, asserted the dominance required with a grounded stance. It might have been for show, but as far as he was aware, he was still high-functioning enough to hold his ground and show others just who was in charge. His late partner had taught him well when being true to himself.

The man was young but seemingly still well beyond his cub days, judging by the timbre of his voice and how his summer weight had filled him out. Niles figured then that their inexperience would be a common ground between them. Grey eyes met green and the Leader considered many a scenario in which maybe he and the brute would probably get along. He would need someone to draw confidence and self-assurance from... to mimic and imitate,
so long as it didn't turn into haughtiness or egotism...

Out of sight, he knew someone was nearby, feeling those eyes at the back of his head but paying no mind. "Between you and I, I think the pack's in need of someone like you," he confided with a quiet smile, his voice low and words near-hushed. With weights still in his paws, he moved over to the man, brushing one black shoulder into Deadlock's agouti side. "Come with me," he offered. "We'll take a walk before I figure out how you can help. My mate's recently passed an' we've only just begun to recover; there's still a lot to do before winter hits hard."

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