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Judas Archer
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.... ooc name: Vami
.... current characters: Ravenna
.... how you found us: Been here for a long time now.
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Speed-20, Stamina-35, Strength-45.
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Ravenna's tail waves harder behind her, tail lifting high both playfully and dominantly as the pup comes forward, nipping happily at her chin. Ravenna noses her forward, brushing it affectionately and allowing her throat to rumble with pleasure against her skull. @Enoki, as said time and time again, had done great. @Nicolò, had done great. He had been a teacher of Torbine after all. Adeltra backed up then, assuring Ravenna the best she could that she would stay to Leotie's side and not leave her. That if she got lost, she would not take any guessing games when it came to trying to find her way home. After what had happened last time, it would give the child more incentive to not let this happen again now that she had already learned her lesson. Perhaps having already experienced what it was like to be lost it would make Adeltra even more so better for the task.

After the manner of Adeltra's future task at paw, the subject changed, the dark colored girl then asking about her mother, about where the Archers had come from. To this, Ravenna found herself sitting down, not knowing just how far Adeltra wanted to learn though with her sitting, let the younger woman know that Ravenna was willing to give her all the time she needed and answers she could. "Well, my mother was the first Archer to come here to the Lore. She founded this pack over five and a half years ago. Its been through a lot and I don't know of any other pack around here thats lasted as long. She came from a land called Torbine. Your father and aunt Adele came directly from there too and met mom here to join the pack. Morganna, Odin, and Renier have all visited Torbine as well. Getting in and out is very hard, I've been told. The only way into the land is finding a way over or through a very large expense of mountains because all around the rest of it is something called an ocean. I've never seen an ocean, but @Morganna says its like a lake that goes on forever and the water smells oddly and strings your eyes, nose and throat if it gets in it." She stops here, wondering if Adeltra had any questions before she continued.
and finally a bit about your character... With his three other brothers deciding to leave their mother's home, Judas decides to follow, curious of the rest of the world and not wanting to live in the shadows of the Dell from being born a male.