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@Nia He's around Mt Dire/Lost Lake area.
[Image: kagehidesig_by_becuffin-dc2lwng.png]
Hmmm she's not quite around that area...perhaps in the furture?
@“nia” - sounds good!
[Image: kagehidesig_by_becuffin-dc2lwng.png]
Tilly is gonna be going to be going on an adventure around the lore to figure out where she fits best so I'd love for her to bump into her uncle Kagehide on her journey!
# T R E Y B E R O S
so tell me I'm your dream 'cause I'm supposed to be
@Kerberos - of course! He loves Tilly. <3
[Image: kagehidesig_by_becuffin-dc2lwng.png]