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Character Name: Bojay Lyall
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Shy of a month.
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The boy had had his fun. Pissed off the neighbors, explored the meadows and lagoon, even met a few new faces and rekindled with some old ones. It was all fun but he hadn't come all this way from Torbine for nothing. He figured he had lingered long enough. His family surely knew he was in the area by now. He didn't waltz over his mother's markers like he did with the Ridge. Maybe he had a case of favoritism or maybe it was because he knew she'd be quick to discipline him like none other.

He was done with this lingering stuff, though. It was no longer fun to the Lyall boy.

So he moved closer to the borders and tipped back his head, seeking an audience while trying to be on his best behavior. When he came he wasn't met with much. "Came all this way from Torbine for my family. It seems stupid to not join up where they are." He stated bluntly with a soft smile and shrug of his shoulders. If they wouldn't accept that answer then perhaps he was just out of luck. Bojay had never had to do this before and he was relying mostly on connections.
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trouble coming to your home
Morganna managed a smirk before stepping closer to shove her son affectionatly, marking him with the scent of the pack. "S'about time yer got here." She stepped away to motion with a tip of her head towards the heart of the pack territory, "Jus' wait til yer see this."

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