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Character Name: Sterling Archer
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? About a month. 

Post Prompt Response
The whole purpose of their trip to the north was to find their mother and now that they had Sterling didn’t know what else to do but join the pack she had established in the west. He had been the one to find her first, as predicted, and had gotten a chance to explore the nearby territories before sauntering up to the borders of the newly formed pack. It was time for him to join his mother’s pack and meet some of his other relatives—the ones that had not been present in Torbine. 

He approached cautiously, for like his older brother Bojay, he had never had to seek acceptance into a pack. Would his mother even want him to stay, or did she intend for him and his siblings to cause havoc in the lands of Lore? Or did she want them to return to Torbine? He never knew what was going on in the mind of Morganna—and he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He was answered promptly after his call entered the sky but was greeted by silence. His mouth dipped in a soft frown as he deliberated a response, his tail hanging low between his legs. “I figured it was time to lend my services to my mother’s pack,” he started, his shoulders shrugging as he kept his silver gaze low. “I don’t intend to return to Torbine after travelling this far north.” This place was not as grand as the home he was used to but it would do. Plus, it housed his mother and his siblings—what else could he ask for? Aside from being accepted, of course. 
She was beginning to wonder just what her children might have been planning when the next call shot up at the borders. Making her way promptly to the border she greeted her son with an arched brow, wondering how he might handle the foreignness of it all. As she listened to his words a smirk stretched across her face. "Glad ter hear it," She responded as she moved to close the distance between them and run her flank along his own. "It's more impressive a bit further in, I'm sure @Bojay'll be itchin' ter show yer all the best ambush points."

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