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from yesterday — Driftwood Surge 
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Lilya Valrorys
Pack meeting to discuss the coming spring. I'm pretty sure I've successfully tagged everyone... Leadership Dem 1/3 - Ran Meeting || First Round Ends 2/22/2018
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Lilya drew a deep breath, nerves hinting at her features as she let out a long call for the rest of the pack. She was hopeful that this meeting would go well, with rules that should have been more firmly enforced last year… it would be easier this year. Even last year, with Kisla and Lachesis not being mates or having a romantic interest in each other left the potential for two litters, as was their right… this year, it was her and Lachesis… it was one strong pair who’d agreed that there would be only one litter in the Surge, on punishment of banishment.

Once she tapered off, there was nothing more the woman could do other than wait for everyone to arrive. She felt more secure in that moment, like she had a sense of belonging. It was her first time ever officially starting a meeting – it had been something she had always left to her Husband because she had felt very must like a stand-in for another, like she hadn’t truly belonged in her position. She held herself tall, her tail wagging slowly from side to side as she waited patiently.

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Anastasia Starklen

Determined as ever, she moved off towards the call for a gathering quicker than she had in the past. Now that she had pushed herself to be better she felt it only fair that she be super punctual. The pack would be growing come spring ( despite how weird it made her feel ) and she was going to be prepared to help out wherever she could. This was the one thing she had to learn to cope with was immense change and so far she was handling it much better than before. Thoughts of disappearing again were few and far between so she sidled up to where the meeting had been called, gave Lilya a warm smile and a lowering of her head in greeting before taking a seat and waiting for the rest of the pack to show.

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Oksana Baranski

Oksana had been spent her morning doing some exploring around the territory, she was still trying to learn all the insurance and outs. When she heard Lilya’s call she was a little apprehensive about going. It would be the first pack meeting that she would be attending without her mother there. She didn't know what to expect, would they talk about her mother? About why she hadn't come? Oksana just wanted to forget the day that she'd had to leave her mother in the Kingswood. Part of her wanted to skip the meeting and go hide somewhere, she didn't want to face them.

The other part knew that she couldn't, her mother had always said how important it was to attend the pack meetings. So she knew that she had to go, it was part of her duty and a member of the surge. She didn't rush to the meeting spot not wanting to have sit there and wait for the meeting to begin, she hoped that she was late if she were honest the least amount of time she had to sit there and be reminded that her mother wasn't with her.

The little Crow wasn't the first but she certainly wasn't the last. Lilya was there and a woman she hadn't met. Oksana knew there were some wolves that had joined the pack since they moved, she wondered if this woman was one of them. Suddenly feeling rather embarrassed and shy she moved behind the woman keeping her posture low as she found a place to sit on the edges. She hoped she wouldn't be noticed.

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Lachesis "XIX" Stark
leader dem 1/3 - lead pack meeting 

As the call rang out through the air Lachesis mentally cursed at himself for straying. Lavender had accompanied him on his patrol, for she was eager to learn more about their new home, and he dared not let the curse tumble off his tongue as he did not want her to repeat it. With a loud bark he called for his daughter, alerting her that it was time for them to return and they could finish their patrol later.

He knew exactly what this meeting was for, as he and his mate had discussed it a few days prior. There would be no unexpected litters this year—not if Driftwood was to thrive in their new home. For once he was not worried about numbers. They had acquired a new member with Risaela’s return: a greyscale yearling who had accompanied her on her journey to the golden fields. Rory, too, had called at the claiming but he had not seen her since, but he did not doubt that she intended to join. In the next few months the five children they had raised over the year would enter the adult ranks, which meant there would be a collection of readily available pup-sitters; but that did not mean he wanted five more cubs this coming spring.

With Lavender at his side he arrived after both Anastasia and Oksana. He was pleased to see his oldest friend among the first to arrive. She had certainly become more social since the pack move; he hoped that this trend would continue, for he enjoyed seeing her return to her former glory. He motioned for his daughter to join the blue-eyed dove before he took his place at Lilya’s side, his nose brushing along her cheek in greeting.

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Lavender Stark

A frustrated sigh exhaled from deep within her chest as her mother’s voice rang through the trees, signalling the end to their patrol. She took a few steps forward, in hopes that she could sneak in a few more glances before being called back by her father. Ugh! The worst timing! Her tail flicked in annoyance behind her as she retreated, her chartreuse gaze settling on her father. A part of her was curious as to why her mother had beckoned the Surge wolves forward. Maybe it was to check in with everyone, to ensure that they were settling in well… Lavender just hoped it wasn’t going to be boring.

It did not take them long to arrive at the clearing and for that she was thankful. Just because the little Stark did not want to be at the meeting didn’t mean she wanted to be late. Plus, she couldn’t make her father late! How embarrassing would that have been?! She grinned at the thought but remained quiet as they approached the group of three. Immediately her pear-coloured gaze was drawn to the blue-eyed dove, for she was quite taken with her father’s old friend. She silently accepted Lachesis’ dismissal and padded toward Anastasia, her tail sweeping behind her as she plopped down beside the older woman. Now they just had to wait for the rest to arrive… and @Lilliana would no doubt be late, as usual… she was probably off spitting rhymes in a bird’s face, or something. 

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Reid Arwood
The call rang out crisp and clear in his ears. Everyone's presence was wanted and Reid couldn't help but wonder the reason for it. Had something happened or was this just one of those random pack meetings. When was the last time he had been in pack meeting? He couldn't remember. Moving from where he had been following the river the red male turned to make his way towards the calls owner. The lead female who he hadn't talked with yet stood waiting for everyone a smile on her face. Lachesis was there as well and Reid gave the two of them a smile and nod in greeting.

Reid's gaze scanned for others and the only ones he saw were Anastasia, Okasan, and Lavender. Sana seemed to be hiding whish didn't sit quite right with him, but regardless he was happy she was there. A smile was given to the three and he moved to sit next to them, near Sana. If she wanted to hide then maybe with him on her other side she would be able to achieve it better between the two adults.
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Lilliana Stark
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Lilliana Stark

Nobody had warned her (or if they had she wasn't listening) that as the weather grew warmer that she shouldn't walk on the ice, so when her mother's howl was accompanied by a cracking under her feet it didn't immediately register that she was in danger. She stepped again, with all the weight of her filling frame, intent on answering the call when her leg kept going, and the rest of her body fell through the hole that had open up beneath her. Lilliana didn't even have time to yelp before the water was over her head, paws scrambling to bring her back to the surface with a gasp, legs attempting to cling to the edge of where she fell through but only breaking more ice off as she tried to pull herself up.

It would be slow going to make her way back to the shore but she was determined to not be the last to arrive. Her heart, already pounding, might have lept into her throat as something brushed past her legs under the water, something large, and slimey but she would choke down her scream because obviously there was something more important going on than her getting her paws a little wet and cold. Finally, solid (if a little squelchy) ground could be felt beneath her paws and she tried to use it to push her sodden body from the water. It only sent her crashing through the ice again, but at least that was the last of it cleared and she hauled herself onto the banks panting heavily as she went.

With a vigorous shake that lifted her legs from the ground as she set off, the sodden near yearling bounded towards where her mother had called, dripping all the way. When she finally arrived, she gave both her parents soggy greetings and a broad smile to both Ana and Reid before lunging at Lavender with a face-splitting smile. A shiver caused her to pause mid-stride though, a second thought to a more thorough shake ignored in favour of the action, showering the gathering with droplets of water as she went before finding a place to settle down where she could drag her tongue along the lengths of her legs. After all, she didn't want to catch her death.

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Jynx Myrddin

Only a few days had passed since she had arrived in Driftwood with her mate, kindly escorted by their long-time friend, Lachesis. Exhausted and weary from weeks of travel, she had little else on her mind but rest and recovery. Lachesis would understand. In fact, it was why he had extended the invitation in the first place. Her first few days were spent not exploring her new home or getting to know her new pack mates. Instead, she found a quiet little corner of her own, all to herself tucked farther back in the shelter of the trees, set away from the river. The sound of the gently rushing water was still close enough to reach her ears and it proved to be a soothing sort of tune when she drifted off to sleep. When she was not resting, the russet agouti was utilizing her hunting knowledge in tracking down small morsels for herself to regain her strength. Although a little thinner than she would have preferred, her thick winter coat disguised the pounds she had lost. Which was just fine by her.

Curled up in her usual spot beneath two closely nestled evergreen trees, with a thin layer of their bristly needles as a soft bedding, Jynx could be found peacefully. Grasped dexterously between her fore paws, each individual toe spread for optimum grip, was a fresh thigh bone of a recently caught hare. Pearly incisors sliced together while crushing molars broke open and apart the hollow bone. Her tongue curled forth delicately to slurp up the marrow inside, which she knew to be rich in nutrients and high fat content. A perfect snack for a wolf who needed to regain their ideal weight. When she heard the howl she lifted her head up, recognizing it as the voice of Lachesis' partner, Lilya. She had not met the female formally yet, but had seen her from afar once or twice. Having been in a position of leadership not too long ago, Jynx knew that the pack was being summoned for a reason. Wasting little time in getting to her feet, she tucked the remainder of her snack safely under the tree, out of view of any passing opportunist. When she arrived and saw the wolves that were already gathered, she only then realized that this would be her first time with the whole pack. An ever so brief tinge of apprehension shot through her at the thought, but she swallowed it down. No. She had lead such meetings before. There was no need to be bashful...certainly not now. It felt unnatural for her as she approached, tail held loose, head not drawn back proudly. This was not her pack. It was Lachesis's and Lilya's. Something they had created together and were entitled to in their position. She held far too much respect for the ghostly male as a friend to go stepping on his toes. Besides, she had once shared Hearthwood with him too. After canting her muzzle towards the ruling pair with a polite smile, her eyes settled on those gathered. Searching...looking for any familiar faces from the Hearthwood of old. But found none. Only the amusing antics of a tawny youngster who looked to have had a bucket of ice dumped on her. Rust tinged ears fell back an inch at the charming sight, reminded so much of her own daughter. Arwyn and Elyan were out there and Lachesis would have wolves on the lookout for them. That at least put her mind somewhat at ease. Sitting down not far from the others, she waited for Emrys and the remainder of the pack to show up.

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Aytigin Delaney
There sure were a lot more wolves here than there used to be. Ayti had been caught up halfway between excitement and anxiety over the entire ordeal, and had been trying to lie kind of low. At least for the time being. There was plenty of work to be done in this new territory, after all. Guarding and making sure the borders were as secure as they could be were his top priorities at the moment. Of course, soon he would have to talk to Lachesis about... well, about a lot of things. But for now, he felt it best to just remain quiet.

Except for when he needed to fuss at Lil Lil.

Dark chocolate fur shone its shades of tawny and caramel as Aytigin stepped out into the sunlit clearing with the rest of them. He was certainly not the last one there, by a long shot, but he did wish he had gotten there sooner.

”Jesus, kid. You can’t go swimming this time of year! Be more careful!” he unashamedly mother-henned the pup, reaching his head over to give her a few quick licks so that the fur along her spine was sticking up in the opposite direction. He didn’t want her freezing to death, after all.

But there was a reason they were there.

”Somethin’ on your mind, beautiful?” he flirted shamelessly at Lilya. The alpha pair would know that there was no real meat behind his words - they were such good friends, and Ayti wasn’t going to wreck that. But he felt the need to loosen some of the quiet in the clearing, and he did it the only real way he knew how. But still, he padded up to brush his fur along Lachesis’ side and lick the underside of Lilya’s chin with respect before settling down near them, ready to listen.