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Driftwood Surge
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Character Name: Caelean Balik
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? 'Bout two months?
Post Prompt Response:

He followed Ana (@Anastasia) all the way back to Driftwood Surge. There had been a few paused for the boy to catch his breath and rest his sore paws. The path certainly hadn't been easy but he had managed. By the time he arrived most of the nerves had worn off. He was simply tired and ready to see the place she had taken him to. Caelean eagerly awaited the arrival of the leaders, his stance naturally submissive due to the circumstances. He was in a new place after all and had taken the word of an almost stranger.

"I-I'm Caelean and.." His gaze briefly trailed to the pale female before he carried on. "Uh, Ana told me about this place and said y-you might have a place for me." Caelean's ears fell back against his skull with a slight embarrassment as his yellow eyes focused on the ground. "I don't know what I-I can offer but I'm willing to learn." And he could only hope that would be enough to sway the leaders in his favor. On top of that he had also shown up with a member, shouldn't their word be a good impression too?

And the nerves were back again.
He smiled at Anastasia's call and was quick to answer, as he was curious about who his friend had returned with. He was a little surprised, but not at all disappointed, to discover that it was a cub around the age of his own children. For a fleeting moment he thought it might be one of the Myrddin children but the colour did not match the gender. Lachesis listened patiently as the boy introduced himself, announcing that he didn't really having anything to offer but was willing to learn. His chartreuse gaze flashed to his friend for a moment, the smile still present on his pale features, before returning to the boy. "Don't worry, we'll teach you everything you'll need to learn. Ana and I will show you the dens." Without further adieu he motioned for the pair to follow him, his tail swaying gently behind him as they disappeared into the evergreens.

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