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Noemie Beaulieu
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.... ooc name: Oolong
.... current characters: None, however this isn't my first time on this site :)
.... how you found us: Pinn and Maeby, I'm Pinn's niece.
.... your character's initial physique life points:
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Nefili turned around and let out a huge sigh. "Wandered off too far, yet again." He murmured, noting that maybe next time it'd be better to let his friend lead instead. "Ro! Can ya hear me?" Glancing left and right, the tawny wolf began to grow extremely nervous. "Where'd she...?" Walking silently over the foreign terrain to further investigate, the male couldn't help but jump back as a sudden noise made way to his ears. It was the pond they'd passed together only moments prior! "Oh! Tha-- OW! What the hell was that?!" While too busy being in awe of the body of water he'd previously grown accustom to, the male hadn't noticed that he'd somehow managed to tangle his leg up in some sort of seemingly invisible force, causing him to inevitably trip and fumble to the ground below. Maybe she was still around... “HEY RO!” Nefili tossed himself up from the ground as he slowly scanned his setting. The male hadn’t noticed before but there was the slightest scent of his new friend still hanging in the air. “She has to be up ahead!” and with that the tawny wolf trotted towards the ever familiar scent of the smaller wolf.

and finally a bit about your character....
Noemie is a sweetheart, when she wants to be. She's also pretty oblivious to things. I already have a few plots set up with Pinn and Maeby so I'm excited.
Hey Oolong, everything looks great for your application and your profile; however, could you fill in the "birthplace" field on Noemie's profile? Just putting "Outside of Relic Lore" will do fine, and we'll get you accepted! :)

Thank you!
Oops, sorry! Fixed!