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@Morganna & @Niles ;D
Character Name: Marisol Reyes
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Uhhh, a few months?
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Mari still wasn't super keen on the idea, but it was growing on her slowly but surely. Niles had made it sound like a somewhat tolerable place to live. She wasn't looking for a haven or a paradise just...somewhere she could rest her fine ass for a bit. That's all. Sure, this felt like giving in, being weak, but like she'd said a few days ago, what was wrong with a bit of a break? She damn well needed it and she could imagine hunkering down in worse places- hell the Steppe had been shit compared to this place.

And so she approached the borders, her nose twitching as she stared at the tangled trees in the not so far distance. This felt like a bad idea, like she was throwing herself in at the deep end. Sure, she'd be able to doggy paddle to stay afloat, but for how long? Without further ado, Marisol tilted her head back and let out a call for the leaders, her howl conveying her usual IDAF attitude in all its glory. If they said no, then whatever, at least she tried, right? Not like she needed them...it was just, it would be nice for a change, that's all.

When they appeared, a smirk tugged at her lips as they stared her down, no doubt trying to get her to spill all.  Rather than be deterred, all she said was: "You gonna let me in or what?"
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Mari has left Relic Lore. I'm in the process of finishing off her threads, those I don't finish will be deaded!
Morganna recognised the wolf that was suddenly howling at her borders and when the woman asked if she was going to let her in, the Archer managed a laugh. ”Yeah, I reckon we got room fer one more.” She motioned that the woman should follow her with a tip of her head. She hadn’t been expecting to see this one again.

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