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.... ooc name: Sock
.... current characters: Anaeia (this one?)
.... how you found us: Ghostpaw
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Speed:125 Stamina:130 Strength: 70
....a role play sample (200+ words): Posted below.
and finally a bit about your character... Appears to be mute away from the company of Garmir.

The days seemed endless. The wolf travelled through the day, rising and continuing her journey as soon as the suns rays kissed the earth. When the last ray finally hopped over the horizon, unable to see her path and legs worn from the journey, she would finally rest. Well beyond the reach of Greater pack, there was this desire to continue on till she could no longer support her own body. Buy why? It was behind her now, there was no reason to flee. Marked as a traitor, there was no reason for the scouts to come this far just to retrieve.

With a flash of lids, amber-toned eyes were cast aside, a single ear then following suit. There was one reason. There was someone. With a flick of the tail the shewolf glided off her path, approaching the closest tree which she would rub her cheek against. It was brief, offering the thought of a passing and nothing more... Pulling away she would turn back and continue onward, exhaling shakily as a coolness was falling upon the surrounding area. Night was fast approaching, a marker was laid for her companion. It would be best to take a short rest then go for a hunt in the early morning hours.

There has been plenty of times her mind had gone to the man, to the Greater pack as a whole. But she tried not to linger on those thoughts for too long, did not want those dreaded things to come back. It was nice being a shell, no worries. But at the same time it was what brought her demise, her head would be wanted for the throne. An example for any others who wish to go back on their culture, on the very training that created the empire ruling over.
Posts may be vague to show her silence and lack of body language to communicate with others. She simply stands there and stares, with the smallest of body gestures.