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The Game of Life
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{ semi-real - min. wc of 250 - all levels welcome - new; high positions available }

"The Game of Life", or TGoL, is a semi-realistic, post-by-post, wolf roleplay site based around a chess metaphor for a war between two packs: Light and Dark Pack, respectively, to match the light and dark pieces on a chess board. The wolves themselves don't know anything about chess of course, only that they are locked in a seemingly eternal battle for the rights to their thriving yet limited land. Tensions are high, blood has been shed, and all must be careful which move they make next, for it could either ensure a victory for them or the end of everything. You, as a player, may either play a wolf from one of the packs, directly involved with the war in some way, or a loner on the outside, either looking in, taking advantage of the distracted packs, or staying out of it all together. Please join, as the site is young and needs members! Leading positions of all kings are available in both packs! 

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