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Breeding Season & M Ratings
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Breeding Season & M Ratings

The month of March is almost over and with that, the end of breeding season. The staff would like to remind all couples that today, March 28th is the last day you can register for your character to have puppies. In order for breeding threads to be successful, they must be completed and archived by Saturday, March 31st.

M Ratings

Last fall, we made some updates to our thread rating system, specifically with our M (mature) ratings. These ratings should go in the thread title, not only the thread description. This allows our users on mobile to clearly see what the thread is marked.

We would also like to kindly remind all users that if your thread is going to be marked M you must explain what the marking is for. If the whole thread is marked M, we ask that you do so in the first post of the thread right at the top so if anyone does not want to read the thread, they have plenty of warning and can decide based on the type of mature content it is. If the type of content changes throughout the thread, you are responsible for updating the warning both at the top of the thread and in the post where it switches. If only one or two posts in the thread has mature content, you must mark each individual posts.

We would also like to introduce a new marking - S for excessive swearing. We hope that making this change will leave M to mean more mature content (sex, graphic violence, etc.) instead of posts that are only marked because they contain curse words. The S marking should go in the thread title and in any individual posts if the thread is not otherwise marked.

We ask that if you have any ongoing threads that are impacted by these rules that you please update them accordingly. If you see a thread or post that you think should be marked, but isn't, we ask that you first reach out to the thread participants and kindly ask them to update it.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to reach out to staff.