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keep on dreaming, don’t stop breathing — Riddle Heights 
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Aurora Heights Pup
Revon Archer
all welcome, open to 1-2 more | afternoon, light drizzle

It almost felt strange being home. She was a mountain wolf, through and through, but she had … enjoyed? time spent in the forest below. When she wasn’t petrified of getting murdered or eaten, of course. Nothing, however, could compare to the open expanse of the mountain. Not a bunch of ugly tree branches or weird lagoons. The mountain would always be her home, but the gentle gnaws of wanderlust were difficult to ignore.

Since her return the scarlet Archer seldom descended from the mountain. Mostly so her parents wouldn’t worry, as they only just stopped hovering, but also because her mother was expecting. Apparently Revon was getting some younger siblings. She didn’t really understand how or why (nor did she want to know), but she was happy nonetheless. It was going to be nice having some younger playmates, as the rest of the Aurora wolves were all older than she was. Not that she minded, but being serious all the time was hella boring.

She shuffled along the rocky terrain, a soft frown tracing her russet features. The sky was grey overhead, dark and looming above her gangly frame. She begun to worry that the snow would return once more, drenching the heights in a thick blanket. Instead, the firefox was greeted by a soft drizzle of rain—a much nicer surprise. Her movements paused, slender nose pointed toward the sky.

She wondered if Wendigo would have liked the mountain rain. While their meeting had been unconventional and resulted in the girl going missing for weeks, she had grown to enjoy his company. After he’d decided to return her to the mountain. He had attempted to redeem himself, but the redemption came too late. She should’ve forced him to stay at the base of the mountain, as she knew her parents wouldn’t listen to him. And, while the girl also knew that her father hadn’t meant to send the dark yearling off the side of the mountain, she knew that Wendigo’s fate had been decided for him the moment he stepped onto the heights.

A sigh escaped her as she continued along the stone path, her tail swaying slowly behind her...