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a new way to bleed — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Aleister Vuesain
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aleister vuesain

He had to get away from that place away, from all the emotion and sadness. There were only unpleasant memories at the Lake now that his mother was dead. There was nothing Aleister could of done for her, so he did what he could while Namid as alive. Bringing what food he could muster while still feeding Neha and hoping that the illness somehow managed to escaped her. Perhaps, if he had been there like Neha had throughout his whole life, Namid could still be here. She wouldn't of suffered the worry of whether or not he was okay and alive. He could of been a better son to her while she was healthy and alive.

Now he couldn't help his mother anymore and instead of wallowing in the sadness that plagued the Lake, the Vuesain littermates retreated from their homeland once again and headed far from the memories. Their paws took them north, where the land flattened and the horizon was clear in the distance. Got any idea where we're going? His paws just kept moving without a destination in mind, though he wasn't sure if Neha shared the same philosophy as her nomadic brother. 

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Neha Vuesain

All that she knew was that they had to get away. To put as much distance between themselves and their birthplace as possible. Neha and Aleister may have been born in Fallen Tree Cove, but it was no longer their home. With Kajika and Moonshadow leading, both of whom were expecting children of their own, and Namid gone, there was nothing left for them there. The only other wolves of her blood were her son, his location of which still eluding her, and Lunette. Neha had severed all ties to her younger sister a long time ago and she thought of Sachiel only when she was not caught up in her own grief.

Her tears long since dry, her throat raw, she and her cowardly brother fled north. Far away. She moved blindly, with no sense of direction. With no purpose. All that she was aware of was the sense of the dark agouti male by her side and the emptiness threatening to consume her. Each time she looked at his face, she was reminded. Those bi colored eyes reminiscent of Sachiel's. His coat and stature a trademark of their father. As much as it pained her to remember, Aleister was all she had left. She had been so certain in her youth that Cernan whom she had bonded with deeply, would be her lifelong companion. Never would she imagine that it was he who would leave unexpectedly and her deserter brother be the one to sweep in and be by her side when she was at her weakest.

His voice pulled her from her dizzying thoughts to take notice of the transformation of the land. Beneath them the ground was flat and easy to navigate. Ahead of them the horizon panned out, the treeline thinning to give way to a great expanse of golden open fields. "...No. I've...I've traveled north before, but not this far. I don't know where we are." She said while recalling her one time visit to the vast lake as a yearling a long time ago.

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.
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Aleister Vuesain
aleister vuesain

He didn't notice that he pulled his sister out of daze though she didn't give much evidence of it other than finally looking around them at the expanse of the land ahead of them. The nomad was accustomed to changing landscaped having been on the move since he was young, never staying in one place for too long. Normally, he was hunted down because of his thieving of caches owned by local packs, so before he got his hide skinned, he'd be out of the area and onto the next.

Aleister never thought of what direction to go next aside from the areas to avoid where he was ran out of, but now with Neha with him, they couldn't just wander around aimlessly. Especially with Neha being so underweight. There was more meat on her bones than when he found her, but she still had a ways to go.

His sister wasn't sure where they were after all. Do you want to keep going on by ourselves? Part of his question was if she wanted to keep going north while the other was questioning whether or not she wanted to go on with just the two of them. Aleister rarely joined packs, merely trying to survive through winter when he did. But Neha needed more help than Aleister could do by himself and still keep himself alive. Especially now that they were in the tundra where prey was much more sparse and harder to catch. They needed a plan.

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NOTE! Neha is currently traveling with Aleister
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