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real love baby — Wild Rye Fields 
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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Laike Artemieva
For @Adelayde <3 || Sunset, Overcast Clouds, 23 ° F, -5 ° C

Laike Artemieva
i'm a flower, you're my bee
it's much older than you and me

Laike had realized in his short trip away that he did not enjoy being away from the north. More specifically the bit of the north that held his love. It was when he crossed back into the borders that he realized perhaps he cared as deeply for the Fields as Adelayde did. There was a wave of relief that overcame him as he walked through the lands that was hard to ignore. He knew that he belonged here.

He was quick to position himself in the direction of the private den he shared with Adelayde. Perhaps she would be there? Or had she taken up staying within the communal den in his absence? He figured that since the sun had not fully set just yet she might still be out. It almost gave him a headache trying to think about where she could be. The large male loved her but he did wish that she was maybe just slightly more predictable.

As he neared their den, a deep bark escaped him with hopes she would answer.

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Wild Rye Fields II. Subordinate
Adelayde Artemieva
sorry she's so emotional >.<
adelayde artemieva
so tell me what's wrong with the feeling

She hated when he was gone, having grown so used to sleeping alongside him every night since he decided to come live permanently with her in the fields. The comfort and security she felt when he was around was like a protective blanket that she could always rely on. Now the tawny woman was expecting, which put her more on edge and she needed the comfort of her mate. The Artemieva woman knew it was best that her husband scout for a few days to bring back any information on the location of the herds or even a member worthy enough to join the Rye.

They were certainly in need of members with their depleted numbers since even before Drestig's death. Drestig's passing just swung the blade closer. The risk of having to disband was the highest Adelayde has ever seen it since she joined over a year and a half ago. The sunflower had to admit she was afraid, the uncertainty was beginning to overwhelm her. Normally the tawny woman would try to walk it off with border patrols or a trip outside the borders. However, the nausea drove her to her den that she shared with Laike, earlier than usual that night.

Curled tightly around her stomach, she had noticed she was starting to finally show, her brawny form growing larger each day that passed during her pregnancy. Though it was hard to be excited when there was so much uncertainty around her. Wallowing in the silence of the tundra, she was content to let the world go on for a few moments without her while she tried to rein in her emotions. The familiar call of her husband interrupted that silence and prompted steady thumping of her tail upon the den floor. An excited whine escaped her maw as she peered out with her ocean eyes to find his figure.

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