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Reincarnate — Wild Cherry Orchard 
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Leumier Ashrelle
Golden amber eyes shielded themselves behind closed lids as a pale skull tilted up toward the scattered clouds overhead, lungs inhaling deeply to acquire new information about the strange surroundings Lue had managed to find himself in now while that coal black nose that nestled at the end of his snout got straight to work twitching in order to decipher all the various scents. The scent of the blackberry bushes he had recently traversed through; and clung to his fur in the form of small twigs that had snapped off from his ruthless strut, still tainted the air, but a new and sweeter aroma was beginning to fill the air.

It wasn't long before the young Ashrelle found the source of this new smell; the chirps of feasting birds guiding him that much easier, and his gaze was filled with the sight of stubby trees beautiful in coloration similar to those back home and their branches weighed down with the abundance of fruit they bore. Cherries. Oh, what a score this was.
Caution was tossed to the wind as lithe limbs quicked surged through the remaining barricade of berry bushes to reach the awaiting fruit that lay scattered about the grass like a sea of rubies. Flocks of tiny songbirds and some slightly larger from gourging on the cherries fled for the treetops in a flutter of batting wings, but Leumier paid no mind to the feathery chaos. He just wanted to get something in his system before the sound of his rumbling gut caused him to go mad.

Without hesitation he paused at the first tree he reached and reared onto his hind legs to place his forepaws on the trunk of the cherry tree, hoping to shake off some of the intact fruit before daring to eat those around his feet marred with beak pecks and small critter bites.