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Unchained — Drooping Willows 
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For the Carrion Crew aka: @Arial @Procyon @Borya @Pilea @Anakh
Takes place a few hours walk from WR

Shrike had waited long enough. He wasn't a patient or kind man, he wasn't going to sit on his haunches and wait for the other's to come to him in their own time. No, he would demand their attention, force them to do his biding, and if they chose not to? Got all lippy and demanding? Then they were of no use to him, he'd tear into them like he'd done with all the rest. No one, not even his offspring, were exempt from his tried and tested methods. They were all cogs in Shrike's machine and it was about time he got it started.

Tipping his head skyward, the Big Boss let out a long and brazen call.

And then he waited, his nails pressed down into the dirt as his critical gaze lingered on the willow trees that were seemingly pandemic to this area. From scent alone he could tell that a pack wasn't so far from here, so in all likelihood they heard his call. But he didn't care, it wasn't for their ears and if they truly wanted him and his crew gone well..Too bad, the more someone tried to shove him away the more he wanted to remain, out of spite. Because he could.
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Marianna Leigh

It made her tired, all this traveling. Not, like, physically – because nothing made Ari Leigh physically tired – okay there was that one thing but, fine, almost nothing made Ari Leigh physically tired -- but it didn’t give her the same thrill it used to, zigging and zagging all across the forest. It wasn’t like she was old (like, at all), and it wasn’t like she was domesticated or anything (she’d left a few things with Gent for safe-keeping, but then she’d be back again). Maybe it was just this group.

It just didn’t have the same…she wasn’t sure, really. Couldn’t put a paw on the word. She was here because Shrike had asked, though, not because it was a good idea.

The large female rolled up behind the dark male, throwing her shoulder against his haunches in a gentle shove. The fist (the other fist) was here – she didn’t see her counterpart, yet. Pale eyes glanced over, ears pricked lazily. “You see? Told you I’d be good on it. And the forest ain’t half bad.” The large wolf rumbled deep in her chest. “You don’t look half bad, boss.” It’d been a few months, but here Ari was, on time, just like she said. Didn’t even get lost on the way, this time.

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Anakh Rahal

They had not done much moving since they arrived in Lore. Valor had kept himself busy, meandering through the various territories and evading coyotes, but he had still remained in the south. His father was planning something and had urged the group to stay close while they scouted. The tawny youth didn’t care much for the plans, even though he knew he should, but listened regardless. Mostly to appease his sister, who would likely drag him by the tail even if he tried to vacate the area.

The call earned a perplexed expression from the boy as he sauntered through the trees, his tail swaying gently behind him as a carefree expression tumbled onto his tawny features. Now what was that about? His nose twitched. His ebony father was calling for the whole group—why? Curiosity (and the desire to be a good son) drove him forward, his over-sized paws thudding against the forest floor. They were close to the same borders that he and Courage had investigated a few days earlier … huh. Surely it was coincidental...

He arrived at the scene with his cherry tongue hanging from the side of his mouth and his tail swaying behind him. Sup? He greeted as he flashed his stoic father a wide, toothy grin.

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You realize that two coyotes have been following you.
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Pilea Ritter
WARNING: Pilea posts often are full of curse.

Pilea had not been doing much with herself. She had simply been scouting out parts of this southern territory, avoiding the coyote if not chasing them off and keeping a look out more or less for Valor. She was waiting for a move from her lead and the woman was not exactly a patient woman but did so wait anyhow. After all, what else did she have to do? After leaving her home among her family to seek out revenge on her niece, Pilea had never gone back to her Ritter home. She was a roamer, a vagabond and would remain so till the end of her days as far as she was concerned. A hard life and it showed in her.

Her yellow eyes narrowed upon the Willow forestry as she made way to get Bosses call. The sneer of her expression never easing. When she joined the forming group she stood off to the side of Valor, offering a dip of her head to Shrike in greeting. Nearby two coyote watched curiously. "Sure is a lot of fucking coy 'round this forest." She spat as she barred her teeth at the vermin.

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Fault lines tremble underneath my glass house

Courage followed not too far behind her brother. She simply wanted to make sure he didn’t get lost ‘adventuring’ this time around. They were all gathering, and she’d be damned if he missed this. Thankfully enough, Valor seemed to notice the close eye she was keeping on him and stayed with the group. For once in his life. She mused to herself as she huffed. That was when she caught the scent of the coyotes on the wind, her head turning, ears flattening in frustration as she growled softly, eyes narrowing at what could very well be her next victim.

“They’re fucking annoying is what they are.” She commented after Pilea noted the larger populations of mangy creatures nearby. She felt a small measure of pride in her scouting work that had led them to all gather in the very territory she’d made Valor scout with her. “They need to be taught a lesson… thinking they’re so great that they can challenge us when they’re nothing but a bunch of mangy, stupid poachers.”