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Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright (M) — Ghastly Woods 
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They had been wondering around, just the two of them, finding things to eat and mostly just enjoying one another's company. There were many awkward silent moments between the two, but what else could be expected? Danica walked a few mere feet ahead of her eldest daughter, "Nia honey, we really need to get back closer to the den." Her voice was leveled and calm but urgent at the same time. The mother looked at her daughter intently, the young yearling practically dragging her paws. The older wolf sighed, "What's wrong?" A long pause, hesitation, then nothing. Just a funny look from the girl. Dani sighed, turning her head back around and ignoring the awkwardness of it all. If Nia didn't want to talk then that was that.

The pair had found a small den on the edge of the Ghastly Woods, it really wasn't ideal. There was only enough room for one of them at a time and they hadn't got to do much to it. Found a few old furs from carcasses but it really was shabby. The baby deserved better, and so did Nia. Danica pondered all these things, guilty that she couldn't do better. If only Darios was here and things hadn't gone wrong. She really was not in the running for best mother ever. Nina....I wish you were here...I need your advice. She had really done it now hadn't she? Given up on finding Sparrow, mating with a stranger, convincing children merely out of desire and no ability to take care of them...

The white beast grimaced, coming to a stop, lids squeezing shut as she held her breath and tongue. She knew she had been close and that they shouldn't have wondered off so far from the den dismorning...but was it really time? Of all of her litters this was the one she was den wise, support wise, and food wise the most unprepared for. Panting heavily the mother looked back onto her daughter, a small squirrel hanging limp between the girl's jaws. "W...we...gotta. We got"- She stopped with a groan and wince, "Go now."
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He knew he shouldn't be leaving the race confines of the pack borders, not when the heavy stench of coyotes still hung around like a bad stink. But there was a restless itch in his paws that a short trip would surely fix.

A myriad of thoughts were swirling in his head. A brief thought of the woman he had spent the night with had cropped up and though it felt like it was so long ago, it had been stuck in his head for two days now. Tenebrae hadn't seen hide nor hair of her since than and he wasn't particularly fussed for it. But a niggling part of him kept reminding him the last few days just when they had...met. Sure, it was the tail end of the season but perhaps something had come of it?

So when a semi farmilar scent filled his nose as he prowled into some ghastly looking forest, his nose twitched and curiosity filled his chest. Maybe now was a good time to find out.

Quietly, he ducked between the trees as he followed the scent on the air. Yet he paused by a trunk and peered around it, squinting slightly at the two wolves before him. The younger wolf had a squirrel in her mouth and the elder, the woman he had met before, was wincing in pain. And it was clear as to why.

Her belly was swollen and even though logically, he knew it might not be his, something still within him clicked that she could be carrying his offspring.

"Need some help?" Stepping out from behind the tree, Tenebrae kept his posture relaxed, his tail hanging by his ankles, trying to appear as unthreatening as possible. Maybe, if he played it right, he could get them to come back to the Draw, for their safety of course.
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You realize that two coyotes have been following you.