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.... ooc name: Marion
.... current characters: Just me
.... how you found us: Top 50 Wolf Rp site
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): 80 speed, 60 strength, 85 stamina
....a role play sample (200+ words):

Rin dashed away from the sight of her father cozying up with his old packmates. Blood roared in her ears as her paws pounded the earth, kicking up rotten leaves and flurries of melting snow. How could he! The mantra played over and over in her head as she ran, striding over sharp stones and crooked roots, on through the darkness of the wood. She never slowed once. It could’ve been half an hour, or several, but eventually she slammed to a halt before a great oak tree in her path. The old giant towered over her, it’s trunk rising to meet the first weak rays of the silent dawn.

Her chest heaved for breath and her muscles cried out for mercy. She lifted her gaze, ears back, and eyes squinted, suddenly indignant that the tree had dared to block her path. As if admonishing her, a single, freezing droplet dripped from a branch above her head and landed squarely on her nose. Utterly shocked, she shifted backwards, frantically shaking her head. Even when she stilled, legs splaying as she slowly collapsed to the ground, she trembled. It just made no sense. Why would he abandon her for the pack that wouldn’t accept him? Why would he leave her after Mint died? She closed her eyes, remembering her mother’s milky scent and how she once curled up in her fur, all warm and safe. A low, pleading whine escaped her at the memory.

Her mother was dead and her father was gone. Now she had no one.

Her nose twitched--she smelled blood. Opening her eyes, she saw that her pads were caked with blood and dirt. She rasped her tongue over the hurt--careless. She wouldn’t let herself get hurt again. Once her paws were clean, Rin stood, nose to the wind, her heart still fluttering. It was time to leave.

and finally a bit about your character... She's a pretty calm gal, usually, and not unfriendly.