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on the road to the playoffs — Memorial Mound 
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Aponi Donata
AW! tries to make coyotes appear


The twins had made their way into the world a little less than a fortnight ago and the mother and father - though strained had been nothing but doting on them. Serach stood guard at her den and Aponi nursed dutifully, calling the father in when their eyes had opened just the day before. They could still hardly see now but they were on their paws and stumbling about the den, yipping and babbling nonsense from the time they wake up until the time that they fall back to sleep against her belly. It would still be weeks before they could wean off of her milk and onto meat but the Donata couldn’t help but think it couldn’t come fast enough, they were already chewing her raw.

So, after a particularly painful round of nursing they had fallen into their slumber and Aponi had called for one of the yearlings. A reluctant Mabel had appeared and while she had looked disgusted and taken aback at the request of taking her mother’s place until they woke up she had agreed. The silver woman had slipped out of the den and headed straight out of the territory at a quick lop, needing to put as much space between her and the pups as she could before being called back to duty. It wasn’t that she didn’t love them, because she did, she just needed a little room to breath even if it was only for an hour.

Aponi headed with no particular destination in mind and as the dog got thicker she barely even noticed, she was used to it’s ghostly presence by now. It was only the large moose head surrounded by the stones that gave her pause. Had this always been here so close to the territory?

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Chamomile had trailed after the female lead. At first it was mindless wandering and weaving on her trail for things seemed fine so far. Perhaps the coyotes he had been smelling around had finally moved on. Yet when the fog seemed to thicken around his small form, he pushed forward a bit faster. The Bend second was more concerned about getting lost himself rather than his lead becoming lost.

He almost bumped into her, the fog cloaking her grey hairs with stealth. His small paws stopped his form from running into her back end as he slowly came up to her left side. Chamomile was silent at first (a strange occurrence indeed) as he acknowledged the moose head and stones.

"Do you know what it means?" He asked as his green eyes looked over at the silver Donata. Had she been here before? More importantly - did this place mean symbolize something important?


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