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Character Name: Tyne Kersey 

How long has your character been in Relic Lore? About two years maybe?
Post Prompt Response:

Tyne made his way back to the packs borders with a hare hanging from his  creamy maw. Normally he would be bringing back the meal for Nauja but not today. Today he wanted to officially join the pack that had been so kind to offer these wolves a safe haven to have their child. Stopping short of the marked border Tyne lifted his muzzle and called for the leader. Once he finished his call golden eyes scanned the trees waiting for them to arrive. It didnt take long for a familiar form to greet him. Tyne lowered himself accordingly before nudging his catch towards the alpha. "First I would like to say thank you for offering us a place to escape the coyotes and have our child. IdI like to officially ask you for a permanent place among your ranks to serve you and the pack. I am an excellent hunter and will vow my unwavering loyalty to you for your kindness if youll have me and my family." The Kersey man asked unsure if Nauja had had this conversation with them yet. His golden orbs studied the leaders paws as he awaited his fate. He hoped they would accept but could understand if they didnt. 
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