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hey, hey, what you say? — The Wildwood 
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Arcus Leigh
RE: Kino, you have become stuck in a deep pool of mud!
A private thread for mom and dad~ Set in the mid-morning, scattered clouds. 66F.
Archie is now four weeks old, and a 'toddler'. Recognizes her name, simple commands, and has enough energy to wander around for a few hours without getting tired... RIP.

There was little to be said for napping.

And, okay, that wasn't entirely true, as Arcus had enjoyed a nap cuddled up against the soft warmth of one of her parents as recent as this morning, but at this particular moment, she could not bring herself to sing the virtues of such. Instead, she rather fancied the idea of going for a walk. Mama and Papa both did it, sometimes. Usually one of them stayed behind, but...

A furtive glance told the only child that neither of them were in immediate sight. Was it the first time they let her out of their field of vision? Maybe, maybe not -- but it was at least the very first time Archie had noticed she was left to her own devices. The girl bit her bottom lip, puppy blues sparkling with delight as she crept forward into the woods. It was hard to act demure, quiet, unassuming, but she very much did not want her fun to be spoiled just yet. There was a big, wet patch of dirt not so far off -- she'd been told 'no' yesterday. But no one was here right now... And if no one could actually say it...

Surely it was fine.

Archie scuttled the last couple of (puppy) lengths to what remained of the mud puddle, placing one paw firmly in the outer most perimeter. It squelched between her toes. The girl yipped, both delighted and horrified, and sprung backwards, shaking her paw up and down wildly before toddling back, keen on retesting the squishy dirt with her other paw.