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meeting the princess of poison — Riddle Heights 
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Played by Hex who has 4 posts.

It was an interesting challenge to try and climb the bit of mountain before him. Sen would have enjoyed going to the very peak and letting out a howl to scare the locals but a stench had started to fill the air. It had been in the forests below but the dusky male had found it easy to ignore with so many other things to find enjoyment with. Here there was little but rocks and plants that seemed to do very little to cover up the smell. Coyotes. He didn't exactly hate them but they weren't his favorite. They were simple tools to him, ones that couldn't be spoken to but baited into attacking others or entering another packs territory.

He might have considered trying to pull them down to the willows below but he had no bait with him and he had no desire to go back down and it seemed all he could do was go through what appeared to be a coyotes 'territory' not that he cared. What wolf concerned themselves with the markers of lesser beings? Not a one and if they did they really couldn't be considered a wolf.