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It's no better to be safe than sorry — Turtleback Lake 
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Vigils Keep I. The Right Hand
Elias Selwyn
@Namir , backdated to the 5th

Elias wasn't in the wandering mood these days. He much preferred to remain within the confines of the Keep, close to @Nineva's den in case she needed anything. He did his best to give her space, to-politely- shoo away nosy welldoers , but aside from that he didn't have much on his agenda. Every once and a while he'd limp away and do his part to ensure that the borders were marked, but really all he wanted to do was to return to the two most important ladies in his life, his...Nin and their daughter.

So what he was doing out on the gravelly shore of the lake? Maybe, just maybe he was feeling a little cagey these days. Sometimes his paws got a little sore, the joints got a little stiff from sitting around too much, he wanted to avoid that if possible, so really he was hitting two birds with one stone. He'd be back soon enough, but hopefully he'd return with a spring in his limpy-step.

And so he lurched along, only coming to a stop to look out at the islands that were dotted across the water's surface. He'd never been very good at swimming, his bird paws didn't make very good paddles, but he idly wondered if Ellery would ever want to try. When she was big enough of course, as things stood she was still quite small and squirmy, but the apple of her parent's eyes nonetheless.

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Little Crow

She kind of felt like she was going in circles. Well, not literally, because she hadn’t stayed near the mountain, nor climbed up the mountain, nor circled back to the mountain, but… She’d been here, last year. Last summer. Still looking for Desideria then, but really, what had changed? The Crow was seeking, always seeking – except this time, she didn’t even know what for.

At least while she waded in the lake, she kind of forgot. Floated around in the water, enjoying the coolness against her skin, a sharp contrast to the warmth of the sun’s rays pricking against her tawny fur. The Crow sighed, taking a moment to enjoy it – until she realized she was not alone. There were new packs here, sure, but she’d been pretty sure she hadn’t trespassed anywhere.

Eyes narrowed, the wolf starting folding her legs, slipping down further into the water as she waited, watched Elias with narrowed eyes.

Played by Alice who has 163 posts.
Vigils Keep I. The Right Hand
Elias Selwyn

There was something moving in the water, causing ripples to spread out across the lakes surface. For a moment Elias thought nothing of it, assumed that it was a fish, doing fishy things out of sight but- he was a little blind and stupid wasn't he? He must have been, otherwise he would have noticed that he had company a lot sooner than he did. He stood a little straighter as his tail began to wag vigorously behind him. Out of habit, mostly, but Elias always tried his best to appear friendly, to make first encounters a little less tense, awkward.

"Hey!" He greeted once he'd limped a little closer, the water tickled his ankles. A smile tugged at his lips as a thought occurred to him, it was so silly he couldn't pass it up. After all, it wasn't every day he thought of something funny. "Water you doing?"

A good comedian wasn't supposed to laugh at his own jokes, but poor Elias really couldn't help himself. It wasn't as if he was doing anything wrong, he'd been so worried lately, about this and that, that he'd barely taken the time to just...find enjoyment in something, anything really. Hopefully that would change, that trend would die, but for now he just laughed till his eyes crinkled around the corners. Oh, that was pretty good.

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