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harmony — Shallows Edge 
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Shallows Edge IV. Subordinate
Idris Lockelake

Harmiously malcontent - it seemed inevitable that he should be so quiet and reserved. The Edge was cozy and comforting, yet the social aspect of it he wasn't quite so sure. They were homey individuals that had their own posses and Idris didn't want to disrupt that or force them to include him. After all, it wasn't like he had been the most fun individual to hang around. He spent a lot of his time scouting around the vicinity of the Edge, doing what he assumed Askan would ask of him seeing as the last time they had talked he had been sent on a mission that had come back negative for anything remotely worthwhile. Aside from the pretty white girl in the woods, of course. At least with being back where he considered home was nice - walking along in the busy, crowded woods at sundown. The trees above him emanating an orange-y glow.

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Shallows Edge V. Yearling
Sachiel Leigh Selwyn

It wasn’t easy staying in one place. The tawny Selwyn was used to wandering beyond the Edge borders, with or without his greyscale partner in crime. Collecting information, lurking, hunting… keeping busy. But confining himself to the territory… Sachiel felt limited. Trapped. The shallows were starting to feel orange-red, and it wasn’t just the sunset. So, the boy did want any antsy teenager did: he paced. Meandered along the edge of the territory, his paws threatening to tiptoe over the invisible line. The last time he had ventured beyond pack territory he encountered an unsettling amount of coyotes—all far too close for comfort. It was why he chose to remain within the shallows unless he was in the company of another. Somehow Sachiel had become a coyote-magnet and he did not know if he would be as lucky as he had been if he encountered more.

He hadn’t noticed the dark yearling yet; his mind was filled with shades of orange as he struggled to keep himself confined to the territory. He made a mental note to seek out Hawthorne—it had been too long since the duo had gone out on an adventure and faced some estranged coyotes. Or anything

[Image: bountyhunter_se_by_a_yellow_bird-dc8zts8.png]
please note he spends most his time with Hawthorne
which means she has permission to jump in any of his threads 

ps —  he hates the colour orange
sachiel has a photographic memory & associates moods/emotions with colours