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A Place to Hang our Hats — Vigils Keep 
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Vigils Keep II. Watchman
Neha Vuesain
@Judas  Set directly after this thread

The pair walked in silence, leaving behind them the expectant parents and the rest of their official pack mates. There was little reason for chatter. They were on a mission after all. One of top priority, in the Vuesain's eyes. @Nineva was welcoming new life into their lakeside home at this very moment. And, having experienced the stresses of labor once herself, Neha new that any vulnerable tiny infants needed warm, dry shelter. The thought of how exposed her silvery leader was by the lake brought up an old memory. This time last year, she had welcomed Sachiel into the world. He had almost been born in a flooded river, which she had been forced to cross while contraction after contraction wracked her body. It seemed that the two mothers shared their luck in that they had the support of a pack backing them up, both in the past and now, in the present.

The idea of motherhood ever again was frankly, a topic that never once, crossed Neha's mind. She was too scarred, too drowned in a potentially toxic mixture of her self loathing and failures. She had failed herself, her son, and perhaps even her heritage. She hadn't the faintest idea of where Sachiel might be, and if he would even want to see her. Until or if she made amends and faced her past, she was no wolf fit for parenting again. But at least she could make sure Nineva, her children and the pack had a safe den.

Instincts guided her deep into the forest, towards the heart of the territory. Down through shallow ravines and over rocky ledges, she traversed with the dark male behind her. Every nook or hollow that caught her eye, she scanned, evaluating it for it's suitably. "...We should select a communal den site first, then worry about the infirmary." She commented while removing her snout from a shallow opening in the ground. As she moved on, the great trunk of a mature redwood tree slipped into her vision. Down her eyes trailed, along the sprawling roots which entwined and gave way to rock. The dark mouth of the cave was overgrown with moss, tangled vines and leaves, but it was there nonetheless. Brows pinching, she sent Judas a curious look before approaching for a closer inspection.

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Vigils Keep VI. Queensguard
Judas Orion Archer
visual referenceThink eldergleam sanctuary in skyrim. This is what came to mind for me as I wrote this.

i'll be watching

from the center of the hollow moon

A silence struck and for this Judas was fine with. The yearling was never the type of wolf to hold his tongue in the least bit, harboring a drive to speak his mind and without holding anything back even if it meant curbing his words out of respect or two avoid reprimanding. This did not mean however that he ran his mouth just for the hell of it. He didn't need the mindless chatter especially now when they had work to do. Odd for Judas, given the fact that he had never been known by his family as a hard worker. No, leave that up to @Samael and @Macha. Still he was able to work on this task of only because it meant wondering aimlessly, exploring, and getting into things. It was the perfect mission and he was quite pleased with himself he had thought of it.

He trailed behind her ever willingly, looking over places she did, looking at others to see if something was missed. Even a small hole in the group could do Nineva some good even if it meant finding something for the rest of them later. "Okay, sounds good." He spoke, not objecting. It was in his nature to follow the command of a woman, something which he found hard to shed. A youth like himself or someone very obviously weaker might be different but Neha showed no signs of this.

It was only a moment or two when Neha paused, turning her attention to Judas in curious question of what she had come across. Judas approached, his body easing along the side of Neha, throwing personal space to the wind. With four other siblings and three mothers he had never had any himself. He figured he would bravely and perhaps, arrogantly go in first. It had nothing to do with his size compared to hers, really, but the fact that it was his place to fight and take the blunt of any damage.

Moving past the mosses and hanging vines which nearly made the shallow opening invisble, Judas slipped into the cave opening. Slinking nearly on his stomach into the entrance, he lifts up back to his full height within the cavern. It was a large open area, both rocky in places with little slabs and platforms and then mossy in others. Grass even grew in here with a few bits of wildflower which all lingered around a lake redwood which stood out in the middle if the cavern. Above the tree the caverns roofing gave way for a small sunroof which shined down to light up and tree and leave the rest of the cave in a dim glow.

"Holy crap...." The words slipped past his lips as he took a few steps closer, looking over the area. It was freaking amazing. Unlike any other cave he had ever seen. Once more this part of the Lore seemed to fascinate him still. "Looks like you found the secret back door." He spoke out to Neha though his eyes never left the scenery before him as he jut his black muzzle across the cave to where another, larger opening lie.

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