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Shallows Edge
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Character Name: Marisol Reyes
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: Few months on and off.
Post Prompt Response:

How long were they gonna stand there and gawk? Mari rolled her eyes as she waited, her tail flicking at the end till eventually her brother and his lover-boy showed their faces. Were they usually this grim and moody? Or were they merely putting on an act, a show of strength and grittiness? Knowing Gabi it was probably the latter, though it did seem he was rather whipped these days. Poor soul, what had he gotten himself into? Mari rolled her shoulders and met their gazes with a steely one of her own, yeah she was a short ass, but so what? Was she supposed to be cowed, all meek and mild?

She didn't even get to state her intent before she was issued orders ,curt and to the point. Ugh, fine, she'd play ball, she supposed. It was better than going hungry with yotes nipping at her heels day in day out.

So she left and skulked about the woods some more. Hunting to feed herself had been hard enough, doing it to fill the Edge's caches was gonna be any easier but she'd grit her teeth and bare it. Because she had to, because she was damn tired of going hungry, of being rained on and treated like less than dirt.

She later returned with a single mouse held between her teeth. Unceremoniously she dropped it before her brother's paws and shrugged. What did he expect a feast? She did the best she could with what she had, a mouse was better than nothing, right?
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Mari has left Relic Lore. I'm in the process of finishing off her threads, those I don't finish will be deaded!
He shouldn't have expected much different from Marisol -- at least she didn't just spit in his face. Reyes allowed himself a small smile, ushering his younger sibling inside. But, there was one thing...

"As long as your here, just call me Reyes."

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