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Looking for Trouble (and everything else)
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Hi everyone!

My character Vaken is fresh and on the market. I was hoping to establish some family connections to connect him to Relic Lore. I am open to anything. That could mean brothers/sisters or great uncles. I left his history completely open so if you need a character storyline that involves blood relation, Vaken is your guy. He's a little bit of a scoundrel, but he will be on his best behavior. Feel free to DM me if you have any requests for him to fulfill and we can work something out. He's a relatively blank canvas.

Likewise, I am also open to plotlines of any sort. I am hoping to keep him a lone wolf for a bit of time to establish him as a character before pack life and I want to avoid getting him in a serious fight. Here are some plotlines I am interested in pursuing:
  • coyote hunting (maybe he gets misidentified as a coyote and there is a small scuffle?)
  • friendly introduction to another wolf (possible alliances) - he can be a good boy. He's just a little socially inept but he's working on it
  • gruff introduction - maybe you have a wolf that is annoyed with scrawny twerps with dirty fur?? Let them yell at Vaken. He's your guy

I am hoping to keep him around Vale of Secrets area to begin. Thanks guys! I am going to be online until area 1am EST, but I will be back on tomorrow around 5pm until bed. I'm open to quick threads, or long ones.
Hello and welcome to the game! :) I have two characters that you could have your wolf connected to.

First is my girl Moon, she was separated from her whole pack during a wild fire and has sense thought they're all dead. If you'd like Vaken could be related to her somehow. Maybe younger sibling or nephew, she was very close with her older brother Nashoba but has 7 other siblings as well.

My second wolf is Tyne who has many on site relations including Nauja, Pip, Blitz, and many more. He and his packmates were relocated to the lore by humans from the coast and have been trying to find their way home. There are tons of options for being related to Tyne as well. Younger sibling or other packmate from Bella Coola maybe :)

Also if neither of their back stories suit your interest I'm fine with just a thread with all three of my wolves. Moon is in Fallen Tree Cove, Tyne in Charred Ash Draw, and Vasilisa is in Wild Rye Fields although she wont be able to travel for a while since shes a pup. Also I'm fine with waiting to thread if you want him to travel a bit :)
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i have a buttload of characters you can toss Vaken at so take your pick! :B closest to the Vale of Secrets would be Sachiel, Revon and Greer!
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Hey! If anyone is interested in participating in a scuffle with Vaken or any other plot send me a DM! I am really interested in him making some enemies. This is welcome to all characters, as long as they aren't too far North or too far South.
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