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the fish are barely breathing — Charred Ash Draw 
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Draven Leigh
For @Scorpius but @Aquaria is more than welcome to join as well! Mention of @Treyah in his thoughts.

RE:  A recent heat wave has left the forest drier than usual.

The past two months had flown by, even if they were filled with more milestones than Draven dare counted. His second son and only daughter had been born, he had inconspicuously rose to leadership and soon his children would be big enough to move from the birthing den to the main area. The father wasn’t sure exactly when Treyah would decide to do this and the dark Leigh had made no mention of it. Truthfully he enjoyed having a seperate area for the female and the pups to grow away from some of the males other pack members.

This time around Draven was finding fatherhood much easier than the previous year. There was no heavy expectation to be a great romantic couple with the mother and he had a little bit more experience. So, instead of waiting for the pups to seek him out and ask him about plants he made it a point to try and visit with them daily so as to not miss anything.

It was late in the afternoon by the time the alpha had finished sorting through the herbs - a task which he now had minimal time for compared to before his change in rank. Emerging from the infirmary Draven noted that while he had been preoccupied clouds had moved in to cover the sun. It gave only very little relief from the blistering hot weather they had been having but anything was better than the blazing sun he supposed. Shaking off any dust or debris he might have picked up the father made his way towards the smalling birthing den.

Coming to stand on top of it so as to not give away his immediate location by sight he sighed loudly, ”Now where or where could the children be? I thought they might be around and want to go for a walk over the borders but I guess not.” If anything was going to get their attention that would be it. With all the aggressive coyotes these adventures had been limited and the father wouldn’t take them far but at only two months it should be exciting enough.

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Scorpius had to put a paw over his muzzle to keep himself from laughing.

He had followed his father all the way to the medicine den and did his best to remain unseen. It was working. Deep in the infirmary there were a lot of smells that tickled his dad's nose and likely distracted him from the fact that Scorpius was near. And when, finally, Draven appeared outside of the den the boy squeezed down against the ground and made himself as small as possible. His father didn't turn and look in his direction and kept on walking back towards the hole in the ground they called home.

Just according to keikaku (translators note: keikaku means plan).

Quickly, the boy stole into the infirmary, grabbed the most inviting looking plant the lovely smelling, purple Prarie Crocus and ran back after his father. He made sure that he swung wide around the den so as to look like he was coming from a different direction than the infirmary. Scorpius wanted to look like he had found this plant all on his own. Then his dad would be very proud of him and like him more than @Aquaria

"'AD!" he called with his teeth still firmly in the stems of the flowering plant, "OOK! Ook it I fnd!"

He had no idea what he had picked up was toxic.