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splish splahs — Wild Rye Fields 
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Wild Rye Fields Pup
Vasilisa Artemieva
RE: Wild Rye Fields, you take a tumble and go for an unexpected swim! AW :) Vasi is now about 8 weeks old.

The sun was shining bright making warmer than the young pup had ever experienced. Her coral tongue hung out of her mouth as she panted underneath the shade of a tree. A stick sat between her paws all chewed up from her boredom as she looked out to the rye fields. Today she wouldn't be frolicking in their long golden stalks for the forest caught her fancy. Getting up from her spot she left her and headed to the big wet thing that ran through the trees. Vasilisa was thirsty and after being there with her mama she knew that's where she went to get a drink. The sound of moving water hit her ears long before she saw the actual river. Once the river was in sight the pups tail wagged uncontrollably. Over sized paws made their way towards the small pool that was carved out before catching on a rock. She went heels over head and tumbled into the shallow pool with a loud yelp. The pool was shallow in adult standards but for the pup? She couldnt touch the bottom. Lucky for her there wasnt a current so she wasnt swept away. Pushing off the bottom the girl was able to surface and take a breath. Her legs kicked instinctually so that she could swim. She got over her initial fear and realized that she was actually enjoying this. Hey she wasnt hot anymore so.

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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Sphinx Avalon

Yet another bright and sunny day graced the lore and with it came the heat Sphinx found nearly impossible to escape granted her darker complexion and the handful of water sources they had drying up as a result. Even the little ones were starting to grow more restless than they typically were because of it. Keeping tabs on them was a tough job, but the speckled yearling did what she could to keep the monsters in check when the adults were busy. Hell, it was the least she could do knowing how exhausting her brothers had been at that age. She, of course, was but an angel.

Trailing just far enough behind Vasi to keep a watchful eye on her without disrupting whatever little adventure her mind had conjured up, she insured the young cub was given ample protection under the auspices of an Avalon. Yeah, these kids weren't her siblings by any means, but deep down she knew her father would have wanted her to treat them as such anyways. In the end they were still family and family took care of their own. For a moment the lanky lady paused to steal a glance behind her greying shoulder to see if anyone else had caught on to the pup's escape other than herself.

A sudden yelp up ahead had silvered ears pricking up and gaze swiftly returning to the last spot the tawny girl was seen, but there was no sign of her. Panic had Sphinx's throat tightening and long limbs quickly bolting forward into action. Shoot, no pup is going to turn up missing on my watch! She thought while bulldozing through the stalks of rye, using her nose to follow the girls scent until it too was whisked away to be replaced by the moisture of the nearby river.

A heavy sigh of relief escaped her speckled maw as she stepped forward to witness Vasi paddling through the shallows like a champ. "Don't scare me like that." Sphinx spoke through bated breath, stepping closer to sit at the edge of the pool and watch the splendor that gradually began to show on her young facial features. Hey. Maybe a dip wasn't that bad of an idea afterall.  

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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Laike Artemieva
Laike Artemieva
i remember, i remember the days
when i'd make you oh so afraid


If the child had scared the yearling, could you imagine what Laike felt upon seeing his daughter's form suddenly disappear from the spot? His large form moved through the rye with ease, broad shoulders pushing it aside. It was a blessing that one of the Avalon yearlings was already on the scene.

Although relief quickly swept over him at the sight of his daughter swimming. You and me both. He mumbled to the peppered girl as he smiled softly. The leader slowly moved into the edge of the water. It was mainly so he could snatch up the child should anything suddenly happen.

What have you found, Vasi? He asked before leaning his head down. The father gently ran his muzzle through the water in order to create small ripples.

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And you'll breathe easier just knowing
That the worst is all behind you
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Wild Rye Fields Pup
Vasilisa Artemieva
Thank ya'll for joining :D

In true pup fashion, Vasi was completely unaware that she was being watched over not by one but by two adults. That was okay with her, she liked the company of others (most of the time that is). So when the familiar form of Sphinx came to the edge of the pool a grin formed on her inky lips as she tired to make her way to the yearling. It was the sight of her dad though that really excited the girl. Finally her oversized paws found the bottom of the pool and she was able to stand. Her tongue lolled out of her maw as her soaked form splashed around the shallows. Puppy blue eyes watched with wonder as her father reached down and made the water move. Unable to contain her excitement Vasilisa stomped her feet causing more rippled tearing through the water. A gleeful laugh fell from her as she tried to mimic his actions. She stuck her muzzle into the water and moved it around. Being delighted at the sight of her own ripples the youngest Artemivea drew in a breath for a laugh. Being so young she didnt realize you cant actually do that underwater. Pulling water into her throat and lungs was not fun! She jerked her head back and began to cough hard trying to expel the liquid. Her head shook back and forth as if that would help.

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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Sphinx Avalon
"You and me both." 

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that Laike wasn't far behind the speckled yearling when his daughter decided to play hide and seek from the babysitters. The paler coated leader seemed to always have an eagles eye on his rambunctious brood while attending to pack business, but that didn't diminish the momentary spook his unexpected voice caused. 

Sphinx leaped out of her skin and found her front paws fumbling for purchase against the wet, slicked banks of the river as the softened soil crumbled beneath her toes until her flailing weight sent her for an even more unexpected tumble forward. Right towards the water.


 Alas, she too would be going for a dip it seemed. 

A loud gasp in immediate response to the cool touch of the water against her skin escaped her maw and warm amber eyes widened in shock, water droplets dripping off the edges of her splayed ears and snout before shifting her gaze to the gleeful Vasi that was beyond content to make her own splashes in the refreshing water. Childish laughter filling the air.

The Avalon's conundrum was short lived as she too began to laugh. At the child's carefree attitude and at herself for tumbling in. A quick swipe of her paw accompanied with a smug smirk assuring Laike wasnt left out of the fun until suddenly his daughter began to have a coughing fit in order to expel the water she just inhaled.