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Coyote Ugly — Wild Rye Fields 
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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Sphinx Avalon
For mama @Jessie || Early afternoon - Overcast ; 60°f

All seemed to be calm within the Rye once more now that a small break from the heat was given to the inhabitants of the lore. The 'yotes, though, not so much. Still their disgusting odor stung her nose with every breath she dared take, but unfortunately there was nothing she alone, nor the others, could do about the surge in coyote numbers and their increased hostility. Treks beyond their boarders were limited as a precaution, but that only helped the problem to some degree. The wolves of the Rye still needed food and food didn't waltz right up to their front door with a ribbon tied to its neck while holding a note that read 'eat me' or anything like that. If only they were that lucky.

Warm amber irises scoured the sea of golden rye from atop the outpost, speckled haunches lowering themselves to take up a more comfortable seated position while she watched a small cluster of caribou lazily cross the tundra below. The thought of following them to track their migratory pattern for the summer briefly crossed her mind until motion behind the small meandering herd caught her eye. Surprise, surprise a small band of 'yotes were tailing the caribou and internally Sphinx groaned before rising to descend from the tall hill. So much for that idea.

Maybe a quick boarder patrol would suffice instead.
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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Jessie Tainn

With the arrival of Adelayde's children, the new members that had joined recently, and the return of her daughter, Jessie felt a bit better about the status of Wild Rye Fields. With the growth in numbers, it was easier to feel more secure about the future of the pack. That being said, there was still one problem that readily made itself apparent with every patrol and attempt to cross the border - the coyotes. Not only were they competing with one another for prey and this only annoyed Jessie more. Spring and summer was a time that she preferred her pack to be more comfortable, especially in terms of their caches.

The aging monochrome woman was patrolling the borders, the stench of coyotes overwhelming her nose - so much thaat she did not notice her daughter scent being blown in her direction. Emerald eyes shifted to look in front of her and a small smile formed on the mother's lips. Her youngest daughter looked so much like Drestig. Jessie's tail wagged behind her as she increased her pace to catch up with the other woman, a bark leaving her maw to get Sphinx's attention.

[Image: jessiehotei-greysig01.jpg]
Played by Ashbash who has 40 posts.
Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Sphinx Avalon
So it seemed the speckled female wasn't the only one with patrolling on their mind. A bark from behind had Sphinx halting in her tracks to glance over her shoulder at whom had called out, the inky lining of her lips erasing the sour expression it formerly had to exchange it for a small smile once her mother managed to reach her flank. "Hey, mother." She spoke fondly while reaching out to brush the top of her muzzle through the monochrome fur that cloaked the aging matriarch's shoulder.

"They're at it again." Sphinx commented vaguely while tossing a final glance in the direction the caribu herd she spotted earlier had been heading, knowing well the woman beside her would catch on to the coyote reference as lithe limbs continued to follow the marked outline of the Rye. In truth, patrolling the borders; since she couldnt leave to scout out the surrounding areas to become reacquainted with the landscape granted the infestation problem, was the Avalon's method of coping with the grief and guilt that went hand in hand after being informed of what occured during her absence.

Keep moving. Any moment her paws stood still her mind was flooded with an array of what if scenarios that just couldn't be answered. Thus Sphinx kept herself in motion doing anything and everything that would allow her mind to stay clear and in that current moment. Only daring to stop once she felt an ache in her paws and a heaviness in her eyes.