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There's no grave. — Mountain of Dire 
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OOC: for @Moonshadow but more welcome (especially FTC wolves). First part of Garmir's scout expedition.

Lets try this again. The trail went from here.... that way. Garmir was recounting his earlier time coming here in search of @Triell, when he had been just few days behind him, still able to scent the revered lord of Charred Ash Draw. Unsettling sight of broken avalance had cut the trail short and also obstructed Garmir's path forward, leaving his search inconclusive. He had went around, talked to few wolves and even tried to search for body but alas, he had eventually had to return back to @Treyah with empty paws.

Garmir hated leaving his tasks half finished and so he returned back to the area now that summer had come. He was standing now on a spot where the trail had vanished underneath the piles of snow. From here, it was just uphill towards the mountains. As Garmir surveyed the area, he could still see marks left behind by the event, even if nature hid the scars of such destruction well. Few trees not rooted well enough to the ground had fallen or been swept off completely. There were some that had snapped in half. Undergrowth had suffered in areas but it was hard to notice unless you put your eyes into it.

The scout looked up. Ahead mountain of Dire stood tall and imposing. If Garmir failed to find Triell's body here, he would have to try climp the mountain or find some passage through or around it in hope of reaching the other side. Perhaps Triell had made it and.. something had forced him to remain. No, even Garmir knew there was little hope at this point but he was devoted.

He sighed and then turned his eyes to the surrounding ground again. Finding bones here would take a while but he wasn't going to half ass this. He would not stop, not until he was confident there was no grave here. Garmir put his nose into it and begin to slowly move back and forth, making sure to sniff through every last rock, tree and patch of dirt in hope of finding something. While he was focused on this, he did remember to swirl his ears around to make sure he would not be jumped on by coyotes.

Scout demostration 1/3

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I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

She needed a break, even if it was for a few hours. She just needed to get out of the cove for a breather. So making sure that her children especially @Staryn were occupied and wouldn't follow her Moonshadow made her way over the rocky terrain of the mountain. It felt nice to take a deep breath of fresh mountain air. Long dark limbs moved with ease and grace over the rock at a quick trot before slowing to a walk so that she could enjoy the scenery. It wasnt long before a beautiful sort of disaster scene panned out before her. Trees were torn down, rocks were sitting atop one another in an almost antigravity way. Silver ears flicked around as she surveyed the scene and wondered what had happened. The onyx woman wouldn't have much time to think about it for the scent of another reached her nostrils. Silver eyes fell on a earthy toned male that was stood smaller than she did. He seemed to be intently looking for something as he sniffed each and every object it seemed. Moon didnt want to interrupt but maybe she could help. So she let out a bark in greeting. Her body language was neutral and welcoming with her signature warm smile on her maw.

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In the distance there is a large pack of coyotes howling.