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@Oksana - sorry this took so long to get up - I got called into work then forgot to post it.

Pour a little soul, you were never here

Trouble. She didn’t like getting into trouble, and she decided that she’d have to ask for permission to adventure from now on… grounded… That was something else she didn’t like – being grounded by her parents… seeing her mother get hurt to protect her because she had decided to stick her nose where it shouldn’t have been… and because she had brought Leith with her. She still thought that if he hadn’t gone yelling at the creature, then it wouldn’t have turned and run at them.

She sighed, a soft frown on her features as she stared glumly at a tree. She didn’t understand how Legolas was so content just lounging around all day like this. It was driving her crazy! Adventure was out there, and she was stuck here, near the den, unable to seek it out… unable to do what she wanted to do. It was infuriating. She started humming to herself, rolling over and sticking all of her paws up in the air to stare at the sky.

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No worries! Sorry it took me so long to post.

It was starting to seem to the crow that her front leg was as healed as it was going to get. Though she was a little disappointed Oksana was happy there wasn't anymore pain in her leg as she walked. Her limp was still there but not as noticeable as it once had been, she'd accepted that. Now came the part where she started to adapt to the way it was and her limitations.

Border patrols we're the way she'd decided to get back into her duties. It was mid morning when she'd finished up and was heading back to the den for some rest and to cool off. Passing through the territory she caught the scent of one of Lachesis and Lilya's pups. Deciding she should probably investigate the turn to find her. Oksana's limp slowed her some but she eventually came upon the pup. The humming reached her first and then she saw Makvala on her back with her feet in the air. I suppose that is one way to pass the time, she commented sitting back in her haunches.

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Played by Namara who has 18 posts.
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@Oksana - It's all good <3

But plant your hope with good seeds, don't cover yourself with thistle and weeds

It was a voice that drew her attention away from how bored she was. She turned her head, paws still up in the air to see a jet black wolf, one of the adults, approaching her. She frowned at her. “M’grounded.” She explained glumly with a bit of a mumble to her speech as she rolled herself over, pushing up onto her paws before dropping her rump onto the ground. All she wanted to do was explore! Maybe, just maybe, she could convince this adult to take her on an adventure… then she’d be supervised, and surely that means that adventuring would be allowed… right? Her parents wouldn’t get mad at her for that, right?

She tilted her head at Oksana – she didn’t remember really seeing her around, but Makvala had never been too attentive to which adults were around, just whether or not there were adults present during her adventures or not. “I’m Mavakla.” She tried to say her full name like she heard her parents say it, but her syllables were still messed up… a fact which she was blissfully unaware. “S’your name?” She knew a couple names already: Ma, Pa, Leggy, and Lee! But she hadn’t really talked to the adults besides Ma and Pa, so she didn’t remember their names.