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"It's like a Dark Paradise." — Windsong Fjord 
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Wild Rye Fields II. Subordinate
Alvar Forsberg.
For @Rory only, if she brings someone along, that is fine. Thoughts. Speech.

Alvar walked along the edge of a ridge, he was not sure why he had come here, but it felt right, and the pack would need food, and there was plenty to be had here. He smiled a bit as he looked down at the clear waters below in the fjord. He sniffed the air, it was dry, like a stone in a field that was baked by the sun for hours on end, but it carried the scent of ducks on the wind. He growled a tiny bit, and walked toward the scent, his mouth watering.

He soon saw some ducks and 1 or 2 drakes resting under the treeline not far from the water, he knew it was not the best option but he had no others. He thought for a minute and decided he would have to swim, it was the only way he could stay hidden long enough, and besides, ducks are stupid, they would run away from the water when he pulled himself out of it.

He moved towards the water, keeping a watchful eye on the ducks. He slipped silently into the water and shuddered at the change in temperature. He looked at the ducks again, they had not moved from their resting spot yet, he grinned devilishly as he thought about the taste of their blood on his tongue. He swam closer and in no time was ready to pull himself from the water, but his paw caught on a branch under the surface, causing him to go under the surface... "GRAAGGH!" he grunted as he felt himself being pulled under. He panicked and wrenched himself out of the branch, but not without twisting his paw, causing him to shout with pain.

When he broke the surface of the water, he saw the ducks running towards the water to either side of him before taking off in flight, he sighed and pulled himself out, wincing as he put his paw on the ground, it was definitely sprained. He shook himself off and walked over to a tree before lying down in front of it, he looked around but did not see any herbs he could use for this. He sighed again and opted to go to sleep and get walking once he had gotten some rest. He closed his eyes and fell asleep while thinking of ducks laughing at him...
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Alvar Forsberg.