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Compulsion — Turtleback Lake 
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Vigils Keep IV. Counsel
Ramiel Minos Archer

I don't believe in no devil,'cause I done raised this hell

The young Archer made his way down through the forest from the packs territory. He was cautious and alert as he came to the shore of the lake. Before stepping out from the shelter of the trees he looked for any strange wolves or coyotes, he wasn't in the mood to deal with and surge wolves or the vermin. He figured that it wouldn't be long before the lesser canines appeared. He was of the mind something needed to he done about them.

Stopping at the water's edge he got a quick drink before turning and trotting down the shore. There wasn't a particular destination in the yearlings mind. He wasn't even sure what had drove him to leave the territory, hunting hadn't been on his mind at all. He would figure it out later after he investigated the scent that had caught his attention. Stopping he put his nose to the ground to try and figure out what it was he was smelling.

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