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take off all your clothes — Shallows Edge 
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Shallows Edge II. Keeper
A recent heat wave has left the forest drier than usual.

Shallows Edge
Carpe Noctem

Remi couldn't really pick what her one favorite thing about the Edge was. The caves, the falls, and the lake all shared that spot. Each one held a great purpose, and brought comfort. But today it was in the shallows, the sun high above her did she think it might get the number one spot alone. After a long morning of patrol, checking for any new signs of coyote and enforcing markers the cold water was purely heaven.

A sigh of content eased from her lips, as she sank even further into the water. Letting it dampen her creamy underbelly, and limbs. It felt a lot hotter than normal today. As if summer was trying to give them its best shot before it passed.